Fast-Paced Wizard Battle- Wizard of Legend

As you navigate the museum of magic, you are told stories of wizards who completed the trials and became legends. As a wormhole opens, it displaces you in a world where you can attempt the trial for yourself and prove that you are in fact a “Wizard of Legend.”

Released over a year ago, Wizard of Legend, was developed and published by Contingent99. The game is described as an “action-packed” rouge-like. The game hinges itself on its difficulty and the pin-point accurate combat. Enemies are usually en mass, so it up to the player, in both strategy and reflexes, to evade and combo large groups of enemies. Wizard of Legend comprises itself of a unique fighting style: utilizing combos is the key to progressing and ultimately completing the game.

The player is given “cards” that detail the effect of an attack and the element that it is associated with. There are five (six when you complete the game multiple times) elements: Earth, electric, fire, water and wind. All of the elements have offensive and defensive cards so that any kind of play style can theoretically prosper. Cards can also be enhanced to give the player a more powerful attribute during combat. The last card specifically, in the players inventory, is also known as the “signature spell.” This spell can be charged by pummeling enemies and when the gauge is full, unleashing a devastating attack that deals massive damage.

Another mechanic that the game introduces is Relics. Relics are items that the player can choose before entering the first dungeon that bestows a unique passive ability onto the player. There are offensive, defensive and utility relics that allow for, for the most part, ridiculous synergy between the player and the way they want to play.

To push the infinite amount of ways to play, Wizard of Legend allows the player to choose their wardrobe. There are more than ten different cloaks that the player can wear to increase either movement speed, armor and damage to increased critical hit chance, damage and percentage chance to evade attacks all together.

Combat encounters are usually quick and satisfying. Dashing is the key component to staying alive because enemies are also quick and they do in fact hit extremely hard. Players have life points and it dwindles quickly when faced with a room crowded with hostiles. Swordsmen,archers, mages and various NPC’s fill the halls of the six dungeons. Each two subsections of a dungeon end with a “council member” fight that tests your knowledge of the correlating element.

Wizard of Legend is a game that comes around every once and a while. It is so expertly crafted from the visuals to the combat. Because every dungeon is procedurally generated, every play through is ultimately different. A extreme sense of accomplishment rushes in after each section is completed and that feelings drives the player to the end. The music for each dungeon is different, intense and catchy. Cards and relics are great mechanics because they expand on the already almost infinite ways to play the game. The NPC’s and the council members evolve the further the player gets towards their goal making each boss fight more rewarding than the previous. Contingent99 has created an incredibly worthwhile game that is leaps and bounds one of my favorite rouge-likes to date.

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