High-Octane Public Transportation: Snakeybus

Being a bus driver is already difficult, but when you couple that with an ever expanding segments, incredible speeds and the ability to rocket jump into the stratosphere, you are introduced to Snakeybus.

Snakeybus, developed and published by Stovetop, LLC hit Steam May 10th of this year. Snakeybus is a casual, arcade driving game that infuses the old game of snake with that of driving a bus. The game play is incredibly simple: Drive the bus with the controller or WASD, collect passengers, drop them off, rinse and repeat until the bus explodes and the game ends.

Snakeybus starts you off in downtown Seattle and this is where the player learns to play. When you get the hang of how to drive, drift and jump, and unlock enough points, the game then gives you a handful of levels from different locales: A dorm room, Paris, suburbia and a museum. Every map is different in terms of structure and appearance, for instance, Paris has tight streets and water you can easily get trapped in, suburbia is more open and has ramps so that you can ensure the sessions longevity and Seattle has incredibly tight streets that punish accelerating.

Snakeybus progression system also allows for sweeter buses to unlock. By achieving certain point criteria you can unlock a sweet looking dragon, a Double-Decker and a sweet-ass, flashy party bus can comb the street picking up pedestrians and avoiding a collision that could kill hundreds.

Snakeybus is an incredibly fun game, for a short period. I actually hate to say it but it just gets old really quickly. I played the game for the first time and I said to myself, ” Shit, this is fun.” I played a few more times, trying to achieve the score that would allow me to access the next level or the next bus and damn did it get boring. The first-person is probably the most exhilarating thing I have ever experienced. It stressed me out going so fucking fast and having to make a sharp ass turn to avoid the back end of my own bus. The levels are fun no doubt, but when you get into a rhythm, you just drive for a half-hour and really achieve nothing. The buses you unlock are just re-skins of the original bus, the maps are great to look at and drive through but they get dull after only a few runs. 

Snakeybus is that game that you show to your friends. The game does in fact have a sweet concept, and it is fun, but it is pretty bare-bones at its core. You drive to make a high-score, unlock buses, stages that is literally it. It would have been better if there was more meat to the game. You can unlock all the stages and buses on the first sitting and then your left wondering why you bought the game for ten-dollars. All I can say is that the game is fun but only for a short period of time.

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