Four Hours In- Ooblets

I forgot that Ooblets released on Wednesday, so I began my usual play through of games that I wanted to talk about on Sunday and planned to finish them around that time, so I stopped whatever I was doing and I entered the world of Oob and the weird dancing creatures that inhabit it. This week I stare at Clickyclaws, partially rebuild a town and dance battles to become the overlord of tiny creatures in Ooblets.

Ooblets is a life simulation game that released into Early Access on July 15th on the Epic Games Store and Xbox. The game retails for $24.99.

You are you, a person ignorant of Ooblets and frankly the world around you. So you decide to leave in an effort to become more knowledgeable of the former and the latter. You grab a small boat for two and travel to what will be known as Badgetown. You are greeted by a small child whose name is Tinstle and she declares that she is the mayor of the town. You tell her that you don’t own anything and have almost zero ambition in life and she gleefully gives you a fucking home for free (that a majority of the people in Badgetown remark about one time or another). All that mayor Tinstle asks in return is that you clean up your home because it is an eyesore and help her out when she needs help around the town.

That’s it, that is as far as I had gotten.

Ooblets, from the looks and feel of it, it is your run-of-the-mill life simulation game. You are poor and you need to make your way up in the world. This is done through farming and filling orders to help export goods to other towns in the world.

Grab that hoe and get to gardening!

Use the tool to shape the soil to plant veggies and Ooblet seeds. Both take a certain amount of time to grow. Seeds can be bought at the market with gummies, or the towns currency. Don’t forget to water the plants or they will wilt. Clearing weeds, rocks and branches help with the situation of expanding your farm. Rinse and repeat until your stamina depletes and then it is time for bed.

Gameplay also bleeds into the acquisition of Ooblets. You are given a choice on what club to join and you receive a free dopey eyed creature to battle with. Ooblets communicate with sick dance battles that you oversee. The battles are the first to a specified number and the way to gain points and hinder your opponents are through a card battling system. Each team has a certain amount of beats per turn and you utilize them to create the best combo to get the most points. As far as I know there are ways for you to hinder your opponents, but from where I am within the game it is quite easy and I have only ever encountered a stun once or twice. If you do end up victorious opposing Ooblets will drop a seed that, when planted and fully grown, will be a friendly Ooblet that will be your partner. The dances are mesmerizing, honestly. I always went out of my way to try and find new Ooblets to dance battle. It’s not a perfect system for battle but it works.

Recipes are found scattered throughout the town and four can be combined into a new recipe for food.

Music is super catchy, fun and electrifying. It is everything you need to get down when the Ooblets start battling away.

I missed a lot here because I honestly just wanted to get some content up for the weekend. I am currently having fun. I know customization is a huge attraction for this game. Being able to customize your home, dress wear, hair, etc are present here. There are enough items to craft to keep you busy and entertained. There is an overarching narrative that remains to be cryptic with discovery of little notes in the park every so often.

So far so good, I just hope that it doesn’t solely rely on farming because that will hinder its longevity. Filling orders is fun and integral to making money but it gets stale being at the farm all day and not exploring the town and proximity areas.

Ooblets are cute and the dance battles are fun even though it is very clear that certain mechanics work better than others.

I’ll update this more often the farther I get.

I gave my Clickyclaw a witch’s hat and I ‘m pretty excited.

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