80’s Horror – Babysitter Bloodbath.

It is October and that means it is time for me to play some really (sometimes) terrible horror games. I really like this time of the year because I can really justify playing spooky games. I really just enjoy the atmosphere…That’s it. Horror games really don’t get to me much anymore. They give me slight anxiety at the initial moment of panic then after that settles then it is just another game. I’m getting sidetracked; I wanted to play a few horror games from Itch so I can gauge what other, non AAA developers believed horror to be. It always gives me a giggle when I see games about toilets or pooping, but Itch has a lot of games that are dedicated to like 80s/90s horror. This week I am a babysitter who wants to use children as meat shields as he runs away in fear in Babysitter Bloodbath.

Babysitter Bloodbath is a survival horror game that released in 2013. It was developed and published by Pig Farmer Productions and Puppet Combo and retails for $3 on Itch.

A man by the name of Neokalus Burr has escaped the Monroe State Hospital and he is on the hunt for some innocents. Acting as Sarah, a young babysitter looking for some sweet sweet cash, you are at a family’s home babysitting their son Billy. Billy obviously like scary movies, the brat, and it gets boring at the house so Sarah invites Jack over for some drinks. Things quickly get out of hand, because as soon as Jack gets to the home, Jack checks out the sound in the backyard and gets fucking screw-drived to the fence.

The game is not that long so going any further may just spoil the game, which I won’t do. Just imagine an 80s thriller and you can expect what will happen next and at the end.

The game handles like there is a security camera watching you. Sometimes over the shoulder, sometimes from the corner of a room, all TRASH angles. Makes it really hard to navigate Sarah when the non-Jason Vorhees guy is trying to bore a hole in my chest. The cinematic angles during the chase scene were good and got me going as I was running award from a mysterious man in a hockey mask. The colors are drab and dark, but they just add to the atmosphere.

The gameplay is a real homage to older Resident Evil games and it is very apparent. Items are littered around the house and you have to use them in order to be able to progress through the game. Combine cereal and milk to feed Billy’s whining ass, and use VHS tapes to save the game. The game is in steps and once you fulfill all the steps, the game ends.

The game looks terrible but its fine, I don’t honestly care. Billy is legitimately an adult model that is scaled down to children height; it gave me a giggle.

The way that non-Jason shows up is a great way to introduce a bad guy. The music gets louder and literally drowns out everything else and there he is, a man in a hockey mask, that will slice you wide open in a nano-second.

The spontaneousness of it all is surely the scariest thing about the game.

Babysitter Bloodbath is a game that I like. I never got to play any of the older Resident Evil/ Dino Crisis games when I was younger, so I welcomed this game with open arms. Then game only lasts like an hour (two if you’re a clown like me) and it is not frustrating that much of the time. Camera and graphics are bad, but everything else is nailed perfectly.

I was genuinely terrified when I found Jack and I had to run to the back board and mash the space-bar for a stupid child to open the door.


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