Exquisite Free Form Combat- ScourgeBringer

For the longest time I have had ScourgeBringer in my Steam wish list. I never really wanted to buy it because it was looking like I was playing so many rouge-lite games that I was starting to get bored of playing them. It seems as though the style of game that has taken the front seat are rouge-lites and it is weighing heavily on me. I decided to say “fuck it” and I bought it anyway.

This week I use the incredibly dusty Steam controller that I paid $5 for the first time in my life and play ScourgeBringer.

ScourgeBringer is an adventure rougelite/platformer developed by Flying Oak Games & E-Studios and published under Dear Villagers/Yooreka Studios. It is currently on all platforms except the Playstation 4 and retails for 17 buckaroos.

Humanity has been decimated by an unknown force and it is up to one of the strongest fighters, Kyhra, a white haired woman, to enter the dreaded ScourgeBringer to combat the machines that inhabit it and return humanity to a more stable, less apocalyptical, world.

ScourgeBringer is faster than fast-paced; combat is tight but also allows for free form combat. Kyhra is a combat acrobat. Staying still is a death sentence, so the only other option is to move. She is quick, can dash, wall run and double jump from the start so it is of the utmost important to hone those abilities. The game incentives air combat because there are usually traps on the floors.

Kyhra has three basic attacks: the basic attack, the stun and the dash. All three of these attacks feel really good to use. The stun hits hard and the enemies react with a small exclamation point to signify that they just got their mind rattled. Time stops when the dash hits making for sweet little notes of satisfying combat moments.

Rooms are small and are usually filled to the brim with enemies that attack within seconds of spawning, so begins the dance of death. It is a complete joy to never touch the fucking ground in a room. Kyhra is also equipped with a little robot friend that can also be used as an aid in battle. The bot is quite helpful for control of the rooms with a plethora of enemies.

The small enemies are only but a test run for the bigger boys that inhabit the boss rooms. They get you acquainted with the combat and allow you to perfect timing and blocking. The main boss of each section, or Judges, are larger and more dangerous. Each enemy has a defined move-set that can be memorized through multiple deaths (which will happen). Each boss will usually drop a minor power-up upon death; Judges usually drop more.

It’s a real David vs. Goliath moment, the boss fights and it is incredibly satisfying to defeat them.

Vendors litter exact zone; each with their own wares. One vendors only wants blood money (available when killing the machines that litter sections) and the other wants YOUR life. Weapons and upgrades are available for Kyhra and her gun friend. This is where the rouge-lite parts set in. Vendors offer health upgrades, modifications for your and your robot’s weapons (i.e sword damage, damage buffs for stunning enemies, etc). For the right price, your robot friend can transform into a more powerful weapon (shotgun, submachine gun etc.)

The upgrades within the actual game do not feel like they make a difference as much as the upgrades that Judge blood is used for when you die.

Level design is reminiscent of Metroid games but they offer very little variety in terms of enemies.

The rougelite elements that are littered throughout the realms only assist with health, recharge rate of fury, guns and reload speed.

There is a skill tree after death that adds to Kyhra’s combat arsenal. She can utilize a deflect, a shockwave when hitting the ground and the ability to flings enemies into each other for extra damage, among others.

I am still playing this game as I am writing this. The combat feels so good, man. Sweeping through levels while only being airborne is the greatest feeling in the world. The feeling of hitting enemies with the stun stops time and it looks and feels like it hits REALLY hard. The heavy metal that breaks down when the combat begins really drives the combat. Rooms are a breeze and you can move to a boss room within a few minutes. There is action a majority for the time, so pacing never EVER slows down.

I have about ten hours in it so far and I just want to play more.


ScourgeBringer is a SUPER fun game.

Now I am going to go back at it.

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