Cute Cloudy Shenanigans-Rain on Your Parade

There will only be a handful of people that will believe this (and ultimately say this), thank God for Twitter. I believe Twitter is a decent enough institution to allow indie developers to be able to advertise their game in a decent manner. This is how I came across Last Man Sitting and this week’s game…

I just wanted to play a simple, easy game this week.

This week I evaporate and take the form of a cloud and ruin so many people’s days while low key saving the world from a LYRICAL GENIUS. This week I played Rain on Your Parade.

Rain on Your Parade is a comedic adventure game brought to you by Unbound Creations. The game released on April 15th, is available on Xbox, PC and the Switch and retails for $15.

Cloudy only exists because of a bedtime story. The story starts out one with adventure and what it means to be nice, then it becomes a haphazard tale of a cloud trying to save the world from a cloud hating scientist. Dr. Dryspell is the ultimate evil and he will not quit until Cloudy is no more.

Cloudy can utilize rain, lightning and snow throughout the entirety of the game. Levels instruct you to rain on people or to stop fire from spreading, use lightning to usher people out from underneath their safe havens and snow to trip up those not paying attention.

There are objectives that need to be met and then you move on to the next level. Most of the time the objectives are incredibly easy to achieve and require basically zero thought. For example, there is a level that is literally a rip off of a Counter Strike map and the only objective is to stop the enemy from disarming the bomb.  

The creativity in each level is just fantastic.

I played a series of levels based solely off of The Office, I went on a quest that was almost a total rip off of a Zelda game, I played Counter Strike, partook in a few movie inspired levels, ETC.

Just great.

Aside from your basic levels, there are leaderboard levels that you can rack up a bunch of points to be at the top (not me though baby, I’m trash).

The game announces somewhere around the middle that you can’t really hurt these people because A. they are made of yarn and B. it would shoot the rating up and that was never going to be an option, so what I am trying to say is that the game looks good when it wants to but on closer inspection, it looks like poop. Humans have dots for eyes and mouths (?). Humans are only discernible because there is really nothing else on screen at the same time. 

It’s cute to say the least.

Music is good enough that I remember some melodies even though I haven’t played the game in a few days.

You can openly customize the face of our favorite cloud. I designed mine to look tired because I am, in fact, always tired. Upon completing levels, customization rewards are given out.

Rain on your parade is a game by a group of people that wants its players to just have fun, that is very clear but it does get boring at points. Challenge is non-existent, but that is not necessarily a bad thing (it is just for me). 


It is a really accessible game; perfect for all ages. My wife played it and had a blast, even though she only played a few levels. The humor is really good and it strikes some nerves that some people may not appreciate.

Making fun of Zelda games being rehashed is awesome.

Rain on your Parade is a fun game made by fun and creative people and it really shows.

Give it a play, yeah?

P.s. I did rain on the menu npcs and they pushed my start button into the ground and forced me to restart my game.

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