Demo Days- Faerie Afterlife

I am back from my vacation of applying for social studies teacher jobs to bring you another episode of me talking about a demo that I played.

This week I played Faerie Afterlight.

Faerie Afterlight is a 2D platformer from Clay Game Studio. No release date yet, and the demo is out on Steam and itch.

The demo does not talk much about the main story of the game but itch has a little snippet:

It is all written in the book of light. There was a prosperous land named Lumina. This land is blessed with glorious light and peace. Far above, there was a source of light called Lucentia protected by million fairies. It grants the power of light that sustaining any living form on the world below. But one day, the dark power once arise and try to destroy Lucentia.

You are a small spider named Kimo, who also has a faerie companion named Wispy, and join them on an adventure to save the world.

The demo really wants to explore the main mechanic, which is to control two characters at one time. You control Kimo with the directional keys while Wispy is controlled with WASD. Kimo is the main character while Wispy acts more like a catalyst for objectives/puzzles. Wispy’s keynote mechanic (from the demo at least) is taking control of enemies. 

Kimo can jump and smack enemies with their tiny spider legs.

The game looks beautiful.

The sounds are beautiful.

The platforming is precise and feels really good.

Controlling two characters at one time is okay. I’ll have issues with it if I have to really pay attention to Wispy more often than I had to during the demo.

I’m dumb, I cannot be controlling two full-fledged characters at one time.

Cool game. I really enjoyed playing it. It was about a forty-minute demo and it really showed a lot of what is to come when the game releases.


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