Demo Days – Toem

I hate being a tourist. I always feel so awkward when I go out to a new area. I don’t ever feel like taking pictures and visiting “tourist spots,” I just want to relax and enjoy where I am. Apparently, today I decided to play a game that opens up with a child going on an adventure alone.

As if that should ever be a good idea.

I literally go on a tourist adventure this week in Toem and it got me thinking…

I still hate being a tourist.

Toem is a adventure game from Something We Made and it has a planned release of 2021.

Today is the day! Today is the day that you become old enough to go out and participate in the ritual to find the Toem. After being gifted your very own camera (with DYNAMIC ZOOM) you begin your adventure to take pictures of everything and everyone and ultimately, find Toem.

You wait at the bus stop to go to the first and only town in the demo, Oakville, a nature preserve. Towns have people and people have wants, so it is apparently only up to a child from a distant land, with a camera to help them out.

Fetch this, fetch that. It is a fetch quest game.

It is fine though, the activities are all quite varied: Show a ghost horse what they would have looked like when they were alive, find a shady looking character in a trench coat for a trash person, gain enough swag to enter the bear rave to snap a shot of the DJ.

It’s all fun and none really feel difficult or annoying.

Toem is not hard to operate, it’s a point-and-click game. Accessing the camera, compendium and tapedeck is easy and intuitive.

The game is hand-drawn and is in black & white. I like it, it looks nice and cozy.

Music is great, super relaxing.

Even though the demo was incredibly short, I really had a lot of fun taking pictures of the world and the people that inhabited it. The fetch quests were fun and varied, the characters are fun and likable and everything is really easy to do.

Toem is a cute game. It really hits all the marks for a fun game for me and I cannot wait for when the game releases.

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