Demo Days – Unbound: Worlds Apart

I am running a little light on demos to play to fuel this dumpster fire so I headed over to Steam and scrapped the bottom of the barrel this week. It’s fine, I did this to myself but this week I found something that piqued my interest.

This week I played Unbound: Worlds Apart Demo.

Unbound is an action platformer published by Alien Pixel Studios. It was released in July of this year, is on practically every platform, and retails for $20.

You are Soli, a child whose face you never see and has a little campfire on his head. The world that you knew is no more as the Prince of Darkness has torn open a portal and unleashed the hordes on Soli’s world. As the hooded take refuge underground, it is up to Soli, a child, by the way, to go out and save the world.

This includes finding crystals that can let Soli jump between dimensions.

Unbound is a run-of-the-mill platformer. Nothing special here, just make the jumps and you’ll be fine.

The challenge begins when Soli takes up the first crystal and gravity is reversed. The second shard that is available allows Soli to hop between worlds and be able to see shadows for a specific platforming puzzle section.

The game looks absolutely fantastic. Those colors and style of art choice are damn good. Specifically, it is the little things that matter to me. The portal opening has a little animation to it, there is a little dragon the flies in the background of the dimension you open.

Oh so good.

Unbound: Worlds Apart demo was nothing to write home about but it doesn’t feel like a stale game. It has a decent enough story to be able to draw people in. I do really like the way that the game looks.

I don’t know that I would pay $20 for but it is still on my wishlist.

Maybe another time.

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