What a Shame – Beastie Land

I decided to take the first week of this month off because, honestly, I deserve it. There is so much going on in life and it is hard to add video games to the mix.

I really just wanted to play Kena and I did.

Good game, I’d recommend it. Anyway, This week I dress up as a fox and steal diamonds from a ghost and run for m life afterward. This week I played BEASTie Land and wasted an actual load of time.

BEASTie Land is a 2D platformer from Johnny Ginard. Not a lot of information is given for the game. It is certainly going to release on Steam but has no official release date. Johnny was gracious enough to give me a key for the game, I guess.

You are a fox, and from the Steam art, a squirrel and a rabbit (?) And you’re main objective is to steal big-ass diamonds from a ghost. The current description is as followed:

“Rob the hidden treasure with your beastie abilities and escape without getting caught!

Gameplay is the run-of-the-mill platformer. The beginning of levels are pretty slow with enemies littered around the area to avoid. Steal the diamond and then the game takes a turn, run back to your home before the ghost catches you.

It’s okay. The backtracking is a little exciting if you don’t necessarily remember the level you were just traversing.

Game looks fine for an asset flip.

The sound is a rip.


It is such a shame to see a game so utterly ripped from another, or at least an asset pack. BEASTie Land, as far as I know, is the second rip of Sunny Land that I have played since its 2017 release (the first rip being Foxy Land in 2019).

I would never recommend such a shameless ripoff of an asset pack from the unity website.

I guess that the phrase “Free-to-Use” means that you should take at your own risk, change literally nothing and then market the game as your own and worse, for potentially a fee.

You can look at the original publisher here. His image and such is above.

For the record, here are all the games that he made, on his website.

Here is his Twitter too.

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