Demo Days – You Suck at Parking

Driving is a topic that I can delve into. Humans will never be able to fully realize how badly they drive, at least in the United States and New Jersey at that. Merging is a concept that most drives cannot comprehend and parking just adds to the headache of driving. Driving is just terrible. Besides the point, this week’s demo plays with the wild side of driving and forces the player to make tight turns, jumps, and stops while racing against the clock. This week I played the You Suck at Parking demo.

YSaP is an arcade racing game from Happy Volcano. The game is slated for 2022 and will be available for consoles and PC.

The main point of the game is to traverse ridiculous areas and stop in specific parking spots while racing against both the clock and the vehicle’s gas gauge.

I will just slot the pitch of the game below (from the steam page):

Are you drifting through life, awaiting the next stop?
Want to powerslide your way in to the parking spot?                     
 Slipstreamin’, but rather be parked up and dreamin’?
 You Suck at Parking™ is just the game for you!

WASD controls the cars you drive. AD to steer, W gives the gas, and S stops. R is used to reset to a new vehicle. At any time you are completely stopped, you lose that vehicle.

That’s it.

Level design has quite a lot of variety, even in the demo. The first few levels let you get the hang of the acute turning radius, speed and how to approach jumps, and how the cars land. After that, Happy Volcano throws everything at the player. Portals, gravity lifts, speed boosts, other vehicles, and even fans are littered around the map to hinder the player in their attempts to park cars to earn tokens to advance to new areas and for customizable options. The levels are large and fairly quick to navigate. The key component of getting a good time is to fail. A lot of things are out to make you fail and you WILL fail.

Honestly, It is fun to fail.

Even in the demo there is a leaderboard that shows the quickest time.

Sound design is pretty good. I really like the skrrrt of the tires as your car makes a tight turn around a bend. brakes screech as you come to a halt in the small square that is the parking spot.

You Suck at Parking is a sick game that I cannot wait to play. I’m pretty sure anyone would like this game.

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