Demo Days: Hourglass: Prologue

Now that Christmas is over it is back to work informing the masses of demos that they may enjoy. I have been running low on demos to play on Steam. A LOT of porn games exist on Steam and a majority of those games have demos. I saw so many porn games, and I stopped at a game that I thoroughly enjoyed and I decided to talk about it. This week I find out that ancient Egypt had technology beyond my wildest dreams, this week I played Hourglass: Prologue.

Hourglass: Prologue is a puzzle platformer developed and published by CyberWave. The game was released in August on PC and retails for $25. The full game is here.

You take the role of a girl whose father has been gone for some time after uncovering secrets of the ancient Egyptians. I guess you figured he had been missing for long enough, so you get up and travel to Egypt to find him. Upon further investigation, it is clear that the Egyptians were far more technologically advanced and had the ability to record their actions for a moment.

This is the main mechanic of Hourglass.

The player can do all the things that humans can do: walk and lift objects. This is key because the puzzles that the player encounters within Hourglass: Prologue need just those abilities. Puzzle rooms usually have a gate to record a version of yourself, a block, and a “block-sized” spot that opens up the door to the next area. It seems simple but there were moments during the demo that forced me to think out of the box.

The game looks nice, with lots of sand, ruins, and colorful desert vegetation.

There are lots of ambient sounds that add a lot to the atmosphere and give it such a nice, serene, relaxed feeling when figuring out puzzles.

Hourglass: Prologue is a fun, relaxing puzzle platformer. The demo gives a decent range of difficulty among puzzles. The demo only lasted about fifteen minutes but I really want to play the whole game.

Everything just feels fun.

I wish-listed it.

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