Demo Days – Trash (Alpha)

Wordle has taken Twitter by storm and I, personally, start each day with spelling trash. Not that I think of myself as trash, it is just that trash is a really good word to start with. This is relevant to this week’s game because it is literally the word I use, Trash. Now, I’m not saying that the game is in fact trash but it revolves, in some fashion, about trash. This week I played the alpha demo of Trash.

Trash is an open-world action-adventure game being developed and published by 15 Minutes of Game. The game is being released for the PC and has a release date of July 2023.

Humans ignored climate change and now they have to face the ultimate consequence… Extinction. As the planet sits dormant for a substantial period of time, the player takes control of a lifeform that has laid dormant within planet Earth named “morphites.” There is pollution from a long-abandoned E-Corp building and it is up to you and fellow morphites to stop the pollution, through puzzle-solving, and save the planet from being two-time extinction champions.

Trash is a very simplistic game. The player can sprint, jump and interact with objects. With the world being practically wide open, the player can traverse anywhere. The main highlight of the game is the puzzles. The puzzles are randomly generated, but I had gotten jumping puzzles a few times during my playthroughs. The puzzles themselves are not incredibly difficult but there was a section of collecting fans, hammers, and kettles to perform a current to open a locked door that took a significant amount of time due to overlooking of key items.

Resource collecting is another important factor of Trash because it fuels the add-on aspect of the game. There are resource stores stashed all over the map and you can convert junk into resources and then convert those resources to abilities that can be attached to the player. These abilities are used to access areas that require that specific ability for extra loot and such.

The low poly design is something that I like to look at, adding a ridiculous amount of nice colors, Trash is a really nice looking game.

The sound design is fine. I don’t recall music in the background but the little morphite makes a high-pitched grunting sound when it jumps and you jump very often.

Trash‘s demo lasted quite a long time, around an hour and a half because I explored so much. The world, I guess, is supposed to be populated with other players or friends, but I have no real friends, so I was alone. The world does have a few creatures that roam the skybox, but I have yet to interact with any other being.

Overall the game is fun and the puzzles are just the right difficulty, nothing frustrating, and nothing too easy. The platforming can be a lot tighter and the camera can be a little bit better but, nit terms of an alpha demo, it’s pretty solid.

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