Demo Days – Fantasma Ville

Fantasma Ville is a puzzle platformer that is in development from Torito Games. It is going to release sometime this year for PC.

You are dead. You are a ghost and I guess the rest of the town is dead, through some sort of cataclysmic event, so it is up to you to assist the rest of the town to remember who they were when they were alive before you can solve the mystery of your own life/demise.

It is a puzzle-platformer, so Fantasma Ville requires a sharp mind to succeed. The demo consists of homes that are themselves puzzles and at the beginning, you are met with some lore of the previous town, and the current ghost homeowner needs you to find a piece of their previous life. This item is usually at the end of the home with lots of obstacles in between. WASD moves, Space allows for float and, it seems, with each home you visit, there is an ability to go acquired to assist you with remembering who you were.

Houses are usually sectioned off by gates that require a specific order to be opened and a light puzzle that incorporates an ability you acquire from the owner of the home. Item possession, and reversing of time are a couple of abilities that ghost you learn within the demo.

The sound design is fine. A nice little haunting melody on repeat.

The game looks cute and I like the 2D diorama puzzle areas.

Yeah, I like this game. It has some issues with it. For example, the float ability does not work correctly unless you are moving, so mashing left and right will make you float faster. The puzzles are a little too easy but I can’t knock a game that markets itself as “wholesome.” After playing for about a half-hour I can safely say that if I want a relaxing game to play, I would 100% buy this game. Characters are likable and cute, house puzzles are varied (so far) and the game looks cute.

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