Puzzle Pets – Cats & Dogs Organized Neatly

I have said this multiple times to multiple people, I am tired of open world games. AAA games need to legitimize the value that you are getting out of their game, so they make it open-world. Honestly, I decided to take it easy this week and played a puzzle game. It is pretty relaxing, just sitting around, no expectations to meet, just hanging out, watch a stream and play a puzzle game. Also, the theme is cats and dogs. This week is Cats and Dogs Organized Neatly.

Cats and Dogs Organized Neatly is a 2D puzzle game from DU&I. The game released on Steam in 2021 and retails, in a bundle, for roughly $5.

There are cats and dogs that are toooooooo rowdy and they need to be organized…Neatly.

Puzzles are in the form of a grid and each animal has its own shape. Fit them into the grid and that is the level, and for that matter, the game.

Some cats and dog can be CHONKY.

There are a lot of levels and a lot of them really make you think about placement. There were moments when I was stuck for a good amount of time. I wasn’t frustrated with the game, I was frustrated with myself after I figure out that the final product came out to be so easy.

Cats and Dogs Organized Neatly is cute and minimalistic. Each cat & dog has a fun little blurb that gives them life. There’s a big boy, a small boy, a long boy and short boy and more. Every level introduces a new animal friend that mixes up the game.

The game is really comfy. Nice light brown and white colors to fit the comfy mood and mindset.

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