Chance of Precipitation DLC – Survivors of the Void

I have played just about 500 hours of Risk of Rain 2. I also believe that Risk of Rain 2 is one of the greatest Rougelikes to be released in a long time. I am also saying that I haven’t played the game in so long that the Survivors of the Void DLC flew completely under my radar. This week I just wanted to give a quick update on the newest DLC for Risk of Rain 2, Survivors of the Void.

Here is RoR2 page, Here is Hopoo’s Twitter and the DLC retails for $15 ($35 if you buy the game and the bundle together).

There seems to be a tear in time and space and Void creatures are even more prolific than before. Jailors, Barnacles, Voidlings, Devastators and Infestors. Along with the Void creatures, eight new enemies have been introduced that roam the non-void stages. Rats that are close range biters, some flying creature that spits poison, another super difficult clay enemy, and a Gup makes a return from the first game.

The tear has brought a few new locations into the game. The sulfur pools consist of fragmented pools of sulfur that are connected by narrow bridges and underground caves. The Aphelian Sanctuary is an environment filled with monoliths of unknown origin. The Void Locus is an environment composed entirely out of void monsters that spawns randomly after completing the teleporter or through the Void Fields. The Planetarium is the last stage, which I have not been to yet, in six hours of playing the game. It seems to be the stage with the alternate ending.

Some 41 items have been added to the ever expanding item count in the game. Items that boost fire effects, more speed boosts, attack speed, an equipment that exclusively says “Ahoy,” and new corruption items. Corruption items take the role of items that represent an existing item that gives a buff, usually the opposite effect of the item that it is trying to represent. For instance, the Benthic Bloom has the appearance of the Bustling Fungus, but it applies healing on sprinting as opposed to standing still. The Tentabauble may look like the Chronobauble but instead of slow, it inflicts Nullified (or roots enemies to a spot).

Two characters have been introduced: The Railgunner and the Void Fiend. The Railgunner, a long range character, can fight close with her homing shots and far distances with her Supercharge ability that leaves her without abilities for a short time. The Void Fiend is interesting because it fluctuates between two different forms, controlled and corrupted, with the latter being much much MUCH more powerful than the former.

Lastly, a new game mode has appeared in the form of The Simulacrum, which is just a wave based mode with increasingly more difficult enemies. Very simple.

Overall, my love for Risk of Rain is back. The new characters are interesting enough to build around them either with the new items or the go to items (glasses, bleed etc). The Railgunner can have crowbars stacked on to deal a MASSIVE amount of damage, she can have the new item and increases both attack/movement speed to have a fast moving killer.

Playing with the Void Fiend is also interesting enough to continue playing the game. Single shots in the controlled form turn into full on death beam during corrupted form. Even the minor dash turns into a full on jump. Healing and taking damage have effects on the forms and when taking or healing enough, the form sustains for moments longer, so being aware of health items and damage are key to perfecting the Void Fiend playstyle.

The newest items and HUGE and super fun for the game. Hopoo really added some fun items to the game this time. The harpoon that gives you a burst of speed when killing an enemy, the laser scope that allows for crits to deal 100% more damage, items that increase the viability of drones and even a raincoat that prevents debuffs. All of the corruption items are great. I am always going out of my way to grab one of the corruption items to add to my arsenal.

I really like the lore that they add to the items that they introduce and this time around it is even better, adding more to the already god-tier lore.

The stages are interesting enough. They don’t really add much to the gameplay but they do offer a glimpse into Hopoo’s ability to make really sweet looking stages.

Risk of Rain 2 is even more fun than it ever has been before. This talk has been more of a ramble than anything else, but I am glad that I can play more Risk of Rain again.

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