Demo Days – Madshot

This week is a demo that I wasn’t sure if I was going to talk about but I’ve bucked up and decided that I am going to talk about a Chthulhu-inspired acrobatic rouge-like titled Madshot.

Madshot is an action rogue-like from Overflow and published by HOOK. Madshot is slated to release sometime in 2022 and is going to be available on Steam.

You take the role of a man who has been seeking, and from the looks of it, has achieved immortality. With immortality brings the droves of the undead and Chthulhuian abominations. It is up to you to slay those otherworldly baddies and keep immortality for yourself.

Gameplay in Madshot is a toss-up. I don’t know if I like it or hate it. There is a hub area and the dungeon layout is in the form of a map with a legend so you can plan your route.

Combat is frantic and surprisingly fast-paced. Walk-in and shoot the guys, but with the added flair of being able to double jump and cling to walls and shit. Random platforms are placed throughout each area to allow the player to do some crazy acrobatic moves.

Madshot is a roguelike so that means that there are lots of weapons and lots of abilities to be acquired. Piercing shots, and more damage when at full and low health are just a few perks to grab while you run through the game.

Madshot looks and plays like a Newgrounds flash game. I honestly have no issue with it, but I can understand if someone is put off by the look of the game.

I had fun with the Madshot demo. Using dual guns, running up a wall, double jumping off, and shooting some monsters in the face are some of the most fun. Max Payne was fun because of the bullet time and all the way you could jump, and the same goes for Madshot. Everything converges into a really fun game.

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