Demo Days – HorrorDriven

This week I am back to playing horror demos. This week’s game has really good ideas, that when used correctly, will get you good. This week is HorrorDriven.

HorrorDriven is a survival horror game from Inputalfa. The game is slated to release in 2022 for the PC.

You awake in an underground bunker, alone and the only semblance of information are post-it notes on the walls. There is something above ground that roams the forest and disrupts any attempt to leave. It is up to you to fix up the futuristic car and attempt to leave without being caught by the horrors in the forest.

HorrorDriven has checked every mark for being a survival horror game. Crafting, ✅. Large map with some set pieces that have loot, ✅. An ever-persistent enemy, ✅. Stealth, ✅. Hunger, stamina, and all that other junk, ✅. Small inventory, ✅. Sanity meter, ✅. Alongside all of this is a system of mechanics that barely function when playing the game.

The atmosphere is absolutely the best part of the game. It is dark and there are some creepy sounds coming from the forest. With the addition of weather effects and random particle effects, HorrorDriven has some genuinely terrifying moments.

The game does look surprisingly good.

The only sounds are the sounds of your screams when things scare the absolute shit out of you.

I played HorrorDriven for about an hour before I realized that I was wandering around not achieving a single objective. The next realization was that I did not actually know what I was supposed to be doing. There was a tab that told me what I should be doing but I just couldn’t do much with my backpack that could hold nothing more than four Slim Jims. Also, I really don’t like that crafting can only be done in one spot, it seems really archaic.

Other than that, the atmosphere holds the game up really well and I am excited enough for the game to talk about it when the spooky time arrives later this year.

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