– Ranita Fishing

There is no demo this week, only me being a frog and going fishing for 25 minutes.

Ranita Fishing is an adventure game from Fayer, Hugo Gutiérrez, Joven Paul, Deadweight Kyuta, Majo Felix, Rich Cervantes and VALA. The game released on in October 2021 and is free.

You are a cute little frog. You are given a little quest by your even cuter grandfather frog. Go forth and fish and make friends all the while collecting adorable fish.

The game controls as easy as I wished it was. The little frog can run, jump and use his grandfather’s fishing rod. As it stands, Ranita Fishing takes advantage of the jumping by implementing some minor platforming puzzles in the form of collecting bits for scared woodland animals. They are essentially just blocking the following area for the player.

Towards the backend of the game, there is a bear that requests from you the entire collection of fish in the surrounding areas. Each area of the game has ponds, a hedged area, and lakes that inhabit fish and it is up to you to catch them. The fish are actually quite cute and their names and descriptions are super clever.

Ranita Fishing reminds me a lot of Animal Crossing. From the text and how items are picked up to the world itself. Very colorful and cute. The fishing mechanic is something that reminds me the most of Animal Crossing. Take out the rod, throw the line out towards the shadows that resemble fish, wait, then when an exclamation mark pops up above your head, REEL IT IN.

BAM! You caught a fish.

I spent half of an hour playing Ranita Fishing and I wished that there was more. The game is an absolute blast to play. From the characters and fish to the actual tiny world itself, everything is really cute. The fish and the fishing are fun, and the game is super relaxing and super easy.

Great video game.

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