Demo Days – Sanabi

I’m here today to highlight a pretty sick game. Gotta talk fast because I want to watch Stranger Things and get ready for work in the morning.

This week is Sanabi

Sanabi is an action-adventure game from Wonder Potion and is published by NEOwiz. The game will be released in quarter two of this year for the PC under early access. Not a single price tag is to be mentioned.

You take the role of a veteran Brigadier General of a past war who has been called into action again, because of the importance of your grapple arm, to take down a very mysterious bad guy, named Sanabi. In the city of Mago, there were three million people 24 hours ago, but after a network blackout, they have all disappeared. EVERY SINGLE ONE and you need to investigate.

Use that grappling arm to navigate and defeat those minor bad guys. Navigation feels stellar; I absolutely love it. This elite soldier can grapple to walls, and with the help of a very smart ability to give himself an extra boost, can shoot across the map and even over fucking buildings.

It’s crazy, fun acrobatics.

Enemies litter areas and can be easily dispatched because you are a super-elite badass soldier and can use them as grappling points to your next target. It all works really well and is incredibly fluid for that matter.

Pixel graphics and animations are choice. God damn this game look good. The sprawling backdrop of Mago City is gorgeous in its decrepitness. Neon-lit signs are scattered around signaling that businesses only 24 hours ago were bustling with people, but now they are left on for no one.

Sanabi is a game that I will be buying on day one. The prologue is so long. I was playing for over an hour and still had some content to go through before I was finished. The game starts off really strong and just keeps chugging with that momentum. I was happy, sad, frustrated, then happy again with the story.

Sanabi will be a good video game.

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