Breaking The Curse – Winterlore Chapter 2

There are moments when I go back into my previous entries and see what games have come out since the last time I talked about it. This week’s game is a game that I looked at A LONG TIME AGO and since then, they released the second chapter to their puzzle game. This week I am continuing the adventure to destroy the curse of Yaga and give my child sight again. This week is chapter 2 of Winterlore

Once again, Winterlore is a puzzle game from Moroi Springs. It is available for PC on Itch and on Android. The game was released on September 21st and retails for only a singular dollar.

The game starts out farther into the future as the protagonist Ozana is now older. The Winter Solstice has begun and the festivities are on the horizon. The curse of Yaga has taken hold of her family. Her husband Vasily has contracted some dark being and has taken hold of him, all the while her child has succumbed to blindness.

Time to break the curse. ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Winterlore still has that escape room vibe to it. To finish the game you have to collect all of the things, assemble all the things, cook the food, bake the treats, and give the demon in the cellar shoes and you will win the game. There are many different kinds of puzzles at play here: Rotation, sliding, treasure hunts, and arranging certain items in the correct order. Do the thing to get the hammer, break the thing to get the coins, and use the coins to pay off the annoying carolers at the front door to go outside and do more things.

I was stuck for a mere moment, but when I had figured out the puzzle, everything snowballed and, in the blink of an eye, I finished the game.

The point-and-click design and puzzles really mix well. The puzzles are not difficult enough to warrant a walkthrough, but they are challenging enough to question if you should use one. Thinking outside of the box is the answer sometimes and when you complete a challenging puzzle, it really makes you figure it out with your unmeasurable knowledge of puzzle solving.

Winterlore is still a gorgeous-looking game. Hand-drawn games usually look really good and Winterlore does disappoint. Ozana’s home has such a unique style to it; It really feels like a home.

The sound design is still good, it really gives the game a unique atmosphere. It has an ominous sound to it making this curse that you have to break feel more real.

We are here once again, at the end, where I say that I thought that Winterlore is a pretty good puzzle game. The puzzles make you think and reward you with more of the same puzzles. The lore behind the game has interested me enough to go out and find books on Balkan folklore. The game is a beautiful example of the perfect mix of culture and video games.

It’s $1 for an hour of pseudo-complex puzzles.

Definitely worth the money.

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