Demo Days – Rhythm Quest

I found another rhythm game in the demo section of Steam. It is nothing special but has a dope enough music to make it the game I talk about this week. This week is Rhythm Quest.

Rhythm Quest is a rhythm game from DDRKirby. The only thing we got is that the game will be released on Steam and sometime in early 2023.

It’s a rhythm game, there ain’t no story here.

Rhythm Quest prides itself on being a “two-button” rhythm game. The mechanic seems simple but as it is presented within the game, it is incredibly fun.

The game starts and the music plays, and the character moves toward the right. Actions are usually taken on the beat (but not always), and there are blocks on the ground to note the precise button press. Enemies sit in a conga line, press the button and it goes away. The elimination of the enemies really adds a nice staccato to the song. Of the five levels, the music in every level is really varied and offers some depth to the game.

The demo does onboarding really well as it introduces new mechanics slowly and then allows you to perfect them. Jumping, melee, and flying mechanics are introduced and are expertly explained. I never really felt like I did not have a grip on the mechanic that was introduced.

DDRKirby is truly a good artist. The music that is put out by them is always a good listen and Rhythm Quest is no exception. For something so simple the music really packs a punch.

The look of the game is good. I like how clean and colorful it is.

Rhythm Quest is a deceptively simple game. It lures both veteran and casual gamers alike, and it delivers all the same. The game’s music and gameplay switches tempo quite often keeping the player on their toes and the music is just damn good. The demo offers five stages to play around with and every single one of them is something different. Rhythm Quest’s demo is really something of a good time and I am excited about its release.

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