Final Thoughts – Gunfire Reborn 1.0

These past few weeks I have been playing a lot of Gunfire Reborn (like a lot a lot) lately and now that it has been released with more content I figure that it is time to give my final thoughts on the matter after putting in a total of 80 hours in it.

To start out, there is still zero story going on in this game. It still starts out with the character sitting at a bar waiting to go on their adventure.

With the 1.0 update brings a whole extra world, a few new guns, and two bosses. The snowy mountain top houses gun-wielding penguins, yetis, monkeys, and even flying saucers. You still have your melee, ranged, and even sniper bad guys, along with elite versions of the like. Even though they feel like reskins of the previous stage’s enemies, they have just enough to make themselves unique.

Two characters take front and center in this update: a pink rabbit that uses spirit swords and a tortoise that utilizes a shield and melee combat to take down bad guys. So far there are six characters to choose from and let me tell you something, they all are very unique and fun to use.

Gunfire Reborn is still on par with Risk of Rain in terms of rogue-like gameplay. If it wasn’t for the fact that in Gunfire, reading a paragraph to explain abilities is a standard. It is something that is daunting to read even for myself. The same goes for the weapons; they do what is explained but there has to be an easier way to explain everything.

That being said, the gameplay is still top-tier.

Gunfire has a certain look to it that still looks good.

Arcade sounds with some of the most satisfying headshot sounds I have heard in an arcade-style game.

Gunfire Reborn has come a long way. It has become one of my go-to rouge lite games next to Risk of Rain 2. It has everything I want in a game; power fantasy. I honestly think that at first glance Gunfire reborn is a very intimidating game for those who are not ready to learn almost an entirely different language. It even gets me sometimes. The gunplay is definitely some of the most fun in a rogue-lite that I have ever played and combined with those rogue-lite elements makes for an absolutely fantastic video game.

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