Spooky Short Stories – The Slasher Camp Massacre

I decided to continue playing the spooky games for the foreseeable future because I have a bunch of extra games in my Itch.io library. So without further ado, I took thirty minutes out of my busy day to play this week’s spooky game. This week I played The Slasher Camp Massacre.

The Slasher Camp Massacre is a horror game from Noxus Games Studio. The game was released a few months ago on Itch.io for the sweet low price of “pay what you want.”

You are a teenager that has gone to camp for the Summer. One night, screams can be heard from across the camp and it is up to you, Nick, to investigate. Turns out, there’s a guy out there with a fucking knife killing everyone in camp.


Nothing about The Slasher Camp Massacre is in-depth. You can run, pick shit up, and looks around. The game is short but the scares come in the form of jump scares, which are pretty effective even when there are so few of them. The sole goal of the game is to find the keys, gas, and car and get away.

The man with the knife knows your location at all times so finding the stuff has got to be quick. A few swipes with the knife and it is a game over. What you have over the killer is the ability to run as fast as Usain Bolt and literally outrun him out of render range. The gameplay fills the void and it is relatively difficult to find the essentials.

PS1-looking games are slowly becoming my favorite style of game. The game looks like such shite but the atmosphere that is created is something that is truly spooky.

The sound design is fine, there are a few uncopyrighted songs that sound good. The killer has only a few lines and they loop every time he is in range of you. Little annoying but it’s fine.

For what it is worth, The Slasher Camp Massacre is a pretty decent spooky game. It has what you are looking for, with a few spooks that are honestly pretty well placed and the essentials take only a few deaths to properly locate. There are currently three endings and one of them is truly something that scared me.

Fine game, nothing spectacular, and was fun, would recommend it.

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