Quick Final Thoughts – 90 Hours of Elden Ring

After playing Elden Ring for 90 hours I am here to talk about the rest of my journey and my overall thoughts about the game.

My name is still Agamemnon and I specced into Arcane and Faith multiple times. These are my random thoughts on the other half of my playthrough of Elden Ring.

  • Everything in the game still feels genuine. For example, even though I was completely over-leveled for the Caria and Volcano Manor, it still felt like I was supposed to be there.
    • The hands are the creepiest thing in the video game.
    • Rykard fight was boring. Gimmick boss fights are always annoying.
  • For the majority of the later half of the game, I was using the Bloodhound Fang and speccing into arcane.
    • I did end up using Marais Executioner’s Sword for a while because the L2 was busted at stunning enemies.
  • Combat is and will always be fun.
  • Exploring is by far the most attractive aspect of Elden Ring.
  • I didn’t learn to upgrade Ashes of War until the 50th hour.
    • The Mimic was apparently busted before, but I can tell you that it is STILL REALLY GOOD.
      • I had a level 10 mimic and followed it to victory up until the absolute final boss.
  • The Elden Beast is the worst boss fight. It is literally not even remotely fun.
    • I spent hours trying to beat the Elden beast by myself and was so frustrated that I bought Playstation Plus for a month, to find two other friends to help me.
  • Faith sucks.
  • That bleed dagger had won me so many fights.
  • Godfrey was a bitch and I defeated him FIRST TRY.
    • Mohg, both iterations, were boring.
  • Caelid is my favorite area next to the respective river’s depths.
    • Haligtree is pretty cool, too.

OVERALL: Elden Ring can teach a master’s class in many topics: Music, gameplay, combat, storytelling, that fucking choose your own adventure feel without being too punishing.

You inhabit this world that has been decimated by an unknown entity and through an incredibly long adventure learn everything you can (while still missing so much that you have to watch Youtube videos on the lore) to fully engross yourself in the world.

Elden Ring is an absolute masterpiece and when I have enough courage to go back and explore more of the Haligtree and that area with the time-traveling Dragons, I will again enjoy the adventure. Maybe not the fights so much but the adventure I will most certainly enjoy.

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