An Era- My Car

In 2011 I decided that I was going to proudly display my love for video games. I realized that the best canvas was going to be my car, so I went onto to Etsy and proceeded to purchase a bunch of obscure video game decals. I did not want too obscure decals so that it took time to figure out what game they came from.

For years I drove around New Jersey and Pennsylvania with all of these decals on the back of my car and people always wanted to know where that I got them and what games they represented. Being a gamer is not necessarily a negative connotation anymore so I gladly explained each decal.

Occasionally I would have someone behind me roll down their car windows and shout their excitement for the decals. There was even an older couple that asked my where The College of Winterhold was.

A gas guy at a Wawa that I stopped at told me that my car gave him the idea of getting a tattoo of the gentleman Bulbasaur.

Most times I look into my rear view mirror and see parents gesturing to their kids to look at my car and their eyes glow to see the Castle Crasher pets and Pokemon.

Not all of my decals are video games, in fact there are only two and they reference Steven Universe.

Now that my car is almost 9 years old I have decided to stop buying decals. The quality of decals has went down as well. The College of Winterhold is seven years old while the Firewatch is only under a year. It was most certainly fun while it lasted and I enjoyed meeting and discussing the decals with people.

Now here is a look at what I have over the course of 5 years on Etsy. I’m sure if you are reading this, you can name all the games.

Most of the Etsy stores have closed but I wanted to just give a thanks to these specific Etsy stores for, in my case, making people smile:

AlphaDecals                                                     GlueJunkie

AustinStickerCompany                                 MakeMarksGR

BlendedButterBread                                      MeowingRoseDesign

Griftahs                                                            MonsterArkhamAsylum

GeekCultureDecals                                         PintoDesign

CommandDesign                                           PixelbatGraphics

CoralsCraftingLTD                                         PixelPlanet

CosplayFanGear                                              Project Decals

DecalAddictionShop                                      TipperaryLane

E2Works                                                           TacoBuseyVinylShoppe



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