All Fun and Games – Wattam

Every once and a while I decide that I do not need to play games that only adhere to the idea that I need to shoot a bad guy in the face and save the day. I honestly sat at my computer desk and pondered about what I should play and talk about for the week and alas I agreed to running around as a block with a mustache and accomplish small tasks for a tree, a snowman and various other living objects to stop them from crying.

Wattam is a puzzle game made by Keita Takahashi, who has also created the most famous (that I never played) Katamari Damacy and sequels. The game was developed and published by Funomena and SIE Snata Monica Studio. The game retails for $19.99 and is on the PS4 and currently on the Epic Games Store.

You are the Mayor. You are alone. You do not know why you are alone. You must find out what happened to the world you once knew and that takes friends…Lots of friends. There was an evil monstrosity that ravaged the world and what is left of the world are just fragments that need to be united with the power of friendship and love. The mayor will meet hundreds of Anthropomorphic beings and try to uncover who was behind the attack and set the world right again. It is all so much to take in but once you buckle down, the game’s plot is not the focal point of the game, the gameplay is.

Wattam is just a simple chore simulator. The mayor is set out to say HI! to his new friends and welcome them to this new world. If his new friends are distraught in any fashion, it is up to you to figure out why they are sad and make it all better. The tree needs food,the toilet needs poop, the mouth needs to eat and the scariest thing I have ever encountered in a game; a faceless girl needs her eyes, nose and mouth again. All of these activities get you to your goal of reuniting the WHOLE WORLD.

You walk around one of the four areas and all of your newly formed friends are laughing and talking to each other with these adorable children voices. You can control any given character at any given time with the click of the mouse and you can run, jump, climb and speak with EVERYONE.

The tasks that you need to accomplish to progress is usually quite easy, with the game directly showing you the route to victory and most of the chores you have to do are painfully boring except for one occasion were the Mayor grows a beard and switches hats to become a detective. The player just chooses the correct character for the job after being shown who it is, runs to the objective and BOOM! Done.

Wattam is an Okay game. At it’s core it is okay, everything else is fantastic. It is probably one of the most adorable games I have ever played and I cannot stress that enough. I do believe that I had a smile from the beginning to the end, about 4-5 hours later. When you have to search and wrangle Ikura sushi for Chestnut, everyone laughs and it is all just a good time. When a new friend arrives from the mysterious portal in the sky, all the characters gather around and scream hi to their new friend. Cuteness overload still does not do it justice. The music reverberates the same feeling. Music is sad when characters are sad but when they are happy the music bounces with the feeling of joy.

The camera sucks and the game is too easy. Honestly, if you have $20 and want to smile for a good 3-5 hours the Wattam is the game. I love everything about this game. I like that games can be as cute as this and be fun at the same time. It filled me with joy every time I was able to help those in need.

I love the game

Love it



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