A Decent Reimagining- War Lords of NY

A year ago I talked about how GARBAGE tier of a game that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 was. Everything was just terrible. From the story that was plagued with issues to the actual gameplay that was riddled with issues. The game brought back Ubisofts awesome theory that the more to do, the better the game. WRONGO, buddy. This past week Massive Entertainment released the new fantastic DLC and Title Update 8.

Warlords of NY retails for $30 which is beyond me, but I bought it anyway.

Aaron Keener fled DC at the end of the main story of the base game and now he needed to peek his head again to show that he is still alive and a pain in the fucking ass. He now has recruited four more rouge agents to do his bidding in NY and you have to kill all of them before you can get to his rat ass. He has concocted the perfect plan to engineer a bio weapon and hit the division where it hurts, the already ravaged New York.

Level design is better this time around with the implementation of set pieces that players can fight within. For instance, players get to fight within an oil tanker that houses the remnants of the Cleaners and the police department that ironically houses the Rikers.

With this update comes a few new gearsets and brandsets to keep the grind fresh and new. Older brandsets and gearsets have also been reworked. Electronics has been removed and replaced with skill tiers and gun talents have been reduced to one talent instead of three.

With the Warlords DLC brought a new max level, which is now forty, so all of the players stuff they grinded before is utter and complete garbage after they complete the DLC and return to DC.

New York Looks GREAT. The last time we ventured into the unknown that was New York the atmosphere was great with the Christmas backdrop, the unknown virus and the bad guys, but this time around it really looks like time has taken a toll on this area that the government has forgot about. Buildings are overgrown and crumbling from miscare, the streets are riddled with trash that is stacked sky high, dead bodies and the same enemies are currently residing in NY and are weathered from their fight against the JTF and the Division.

I really like this update. The title update really changed the face of the game for me. Loot is fun to farm again, and all of the brandsets and gearsets feel more fleshed out in terms of synergy with each other. Enemies still hit really hard which is still really infuriating. It sucks when you try a cover-to-cover and see a few bullets fly over and pierce your characters for 1.3 million damage. It still feels like the difficulty is incredibly unecessary at times.

Warlords is leaving me in a weird spot. I really like New York and the returning factions are a delights. Cleaners are actually pretty creepy with their blacklights and gas masks, the Rikers have been released from prison for some time now and they are more comfortable in their prison garb but now they donned more traditional wear. The whole idea of the “go here, investigate and then fight and kill the bad guy” gets tiring after the first go around AND YOU HAVE TO DO IT THREE MORE TIMES. Christ. The bosses are fun to fight but I felt so exhasuted after the long episode of Criminal Intent that I needed to re-enact to get to that point. The introduction of seasonal rewards entices players to play more and receive sweet rewards from doing the end game investigations.

All-in-all Warlords of New York is a decent DLC. I dont think it was worth $30 but it allowed me to enjoy the game again. After I upload this talk I probably put a good 30 plus hours into the game after finishing the DLC that took about 3-5 hours to complete.

It was worth with when I put on a Yale’s free history videos and relaxed and farmed the DZ for a few hours.

Good Job Massive.

Good Job.

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