A Beautiful Love Story- Florence

So, this week I really wanted to play XCOM: Chimera Squad but I could not bring myself to play a game yet that will provide me with seventy percent frustration and thirty percent fun. I decided to travel back in time and play an interactive game that revolves around young love and the problems that arise from it. This week I talk about Florence!

Florence is an interactive game developed by Mountains and published by Annapurna Interactive. It has been on PC and ios and android since 2018 but it has recently released on the Nintendo Switch for a crisp $5.99.

You are Florence Yeoh, a 25-year old accountant that is stuck in a rut. She wakes up, brushes her teeth, browses social media while she rides the bus or the subway to work, does some accounting, embarrassingly talks to her mom, goes home and sleeps. One day her battery runs dry and she takes off her earbuds to experience a sound that literally sweeps her off of her feet into the sight of a street cellist. They exchange glances and it is history from then on. His name is Krish, an aspiring cellist that dreams of being famous. Months pass and love is still in the air as Krish moves in with Florence. Everything is going well until the young love phase passes through and Florence is yet again in another rut. Days and weeks pass, arguments are more prevalent until that fateful day that Krish exits Florence’s life forever.

Florence is more than just a game that tackles a single moment of a person’s life, it is about love, loss, moving on and everyday life. When Florence and Krish go on their first date, the conversation bubble mini-game is fragmented with more pieces to the puzzle, but as time goes by the puzzles begin to become easier with less pieces. This is important because when the time comes that Florence and Krish disagree and the argument commences, the puzzles become more fragmented again, signifying the level of frustration between the two.

Florence is a beautiful interactive game about a single moment of one person’s life. A slice-of-life story with gorgeous visuals and a deep, rich story makes Florence one of the best experiences I have had recently. This game only takes about thirty minutes to complete and I completed it twice and my fiance completed it a single time. Florence is a really good game and I recommend to literally everyone.

It is a good departure from the shitty first person shooters that I’ve been playing. Florence is so engaging. The minutes raced by as I was so enthralled with the show that was playing in front of my eyes.

I did not even need to shoot anyone.


Fantastic Game, by the way.

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