Toxicity – A Perspective

This week I want to talk about toxicity within multiplayer games. Over recent months of dedicating a lot of time and effort into multiplayer games like Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch and other multiplayer games, and I am just mentally exhausted from dealing with people who go out of their way to make it so difficult for others to play these games.

Over the course of a few months I have dedicated my time to Siege. Do not get me wrong the game is extremely fun with friends but when it comes to interacting with the community, toxicity is at the forefront. Team killing (to me) can be at times, justified. There are times where I have entered a room, downed one or two players and my teammate runs in, snickering and finishes them off. I get it, it is funny and now my man is downed by my hand. I do eventually get him up and we should be able to continue the round after I give them the talk about taking kills but now I am on the ground and dead from the teammate that I just revived. Am I any better than he is? Maybe, maybe not, but having kills stolen is just one way that people make the game an absolute slog to play. Countless times have I been teamed killed for my username: ReverendPapaJon. Teammates in chat screaming at me that Domino’s was better than PapaJohn’s. I shouldn’t have to change my name to slow the amount of random team killings that happen. It just gets exhausting that there are times that I will not play a game that I want to play because people enjoy team killing to a weird point.

There was one moment in time not to long ago where I had one of my opponents reverse IP search me. It was a weird moment, but I did not let it get to me. I know that I signed some sort of internet contract with Facebook telling them that it was okay for them to share my information with everyone on the fucking internet. I played along with the guy in his pursuit to rattle me bones. He asked about my cats, called me “fugly” congratulated me on my engagement, etc. We lost and I figured I should report him because that shit is really toxic. I haven’t seen reverse IP searching since the good old days of the Modern Warfare lobbies. I just imagine that guy doing that shit to a kid and they lose their mind thinking this guy got to some of his parents information or something. Wack, so I contacted Ubisoft support and he got banned ASAP.

Overwatch is a place where anything goes. Christ help me. I honestly believe that it is more exhausting than Siege is. It’s hard to imagine joining a game where my teammates call me a faggot for playing sweaty in QUICK PLAY, and then deciding that the best course of action after asking to stop throwing is to suicide until the game ends. I KNOW, people are going to be reading this thinking that “it’s qp, get over it.” That is a shitty way of thinking about it. You cannot possibly believe this attitude is okay just because it is quick play. There was a moment that I was Lucio and our teammate would non-stop call me “blackio” and told me I was worthless. I actually just stopped playing the game for the moment because I was so mentally exhausted because he wouldn’t stop talking for however long it takes for a match of Overwatch to be completed.

I distinctly remember a moment in time, our team was steamrolling our opponent and somehow a guy streaming thought it would be a good idea to say “Hopefully one of you have a family member that is dead.” I was still pretty sensitive to the idea of my mum being gone. Why would someone say something like that? Why be so toxic? Two of us figured to check his Twitch channel and see what he was all about AND all it was was one viewer and five guys screaming the hard R over a discord chat. This guy had no idea that at the moment that he would say something so incredibly shitty that there was someone on the other side of the comment that could relate. Fuck that guy.

I play Overwatch because playing with friends brings the fun factor wayyyyyyy up, but when it comes to toxic Overwatch players, it is just so exhausting playing games.

Honestly, I can see why being toxic can be fun at times, but Jesus! In multiplayer games, it is all the fucking time. I cannot get into a game that someone is just being a total cock the entire game. I like that Ubisoft created a chat filter so people cannot just say the hard R whenever they please, but Overwatch is an entirely different beast. I’m just so tired of every game, it sucks because that is what gamer culture has evolved into over the years. It also doesn’t help that competitive game are where all of this proliferates.

I’m no saint.

All in all I am just exhausted of playing multiplayer games because people feel the need to be shitty over the internet.

Except Elder Scrolls Online, I can play that and no one will bother me.

I can just laugh at the zone chat.

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