One LONG Adventure – Reventure

It was so hot out this week that I didn’t really feel bad aboutstaying inside and occasionally going out to get snacks and mail. I spent a lot of time in a game where there are 100 different endings to the game. A ten day work period meant that I got paid even less so I had to browse the Steam weekly sales and I saw this bad boy for a cool $2. The game began really well but towards the end began to wear a bit thin. I tripped over a rock, got my ass beat by the king because my Uber driver skills weren’t up to company standards and I fell in love with everyone (even a chicken) in the kingdom. This week I put my hero and adventure skills to the test with Reventure.

Reventure is classified as a non-linear adventure developed and published by Pixelatto. Reventure released June 2019 and is on the Nintendo Switch and PC. Retail price is $8 on Steam.

You are Tim. You are an adventurer tasked with saving the King’s daughter. You are travel to the Dark Lord’s castle, navigate the treacherous domain and return the princess safe and sound. Alas, that is only ONE ending out of 100 and this is not even the TRUE ending. There is only one ending that actually ends the game that allows for post game content. There is a sub-objective that relies on paying attention to the world around you. To finish the game you must possess all of the Elemental Stones. Earth, Fire, Water and Earth Stones liter the world in various areas. Some are hidden in plain sight and a few require intense searching.

Gameplay consists of the arrow keys and three other keys on the keyboard: jump, interact and use item. Use the sword of legend to cut people down, bombs to destroy obstacles, the grapple hook to reach places when you are over burdened. Jumping isn’t precision based and there are no real consequences for missing a jump in most situations.

There are many endings that just occur out of total random chance from just interacting with the world, finishing certain objectives or just plain dying. Most of the endings are very comical and for that matter clever. Finding the pirates stash of gold and along with that a copy of Reventure ends the game with you traveling back to your home to enjoy “a fantastic and funny game” is quite enjoyable. All of the endings include a small closing statement that details what happened to the protagonist, the kingdom and all of those involved, which usually contain a hint of adolescent-humor.

Game looks as good as a pixel designed game can look in 2020.

Music is great; super catchy.

Reventure is one of those games that does not take itself seriously and it excels because of that. I knew that I liked the game when I accidentally slipped into the elevator shaft, died, revived as a ugly monster with no bones, searched for strawberries, died of old age and then my grandson had to take the reigns of adventuring. It is a cute, clever and funny game. I was overwhelmed in the beginning with how to go about starting off but after the first few endings I relaxed and started experimenting. It did begin to slog after I completed about 70% because I had run out of ideas on how to end the game, but after I figured out that cleverness and thinking outside the box are rewarded with endings, it had gotten fun again.

At the end of the day I loved everything about Reventure. I am an adolescent at heart so the humor fit perfectly. The difficulty wasn’t hard but it also was not easy; it made you think outside of the box to be able to achieve more endings. I will reverberate the idea that it was intimidating in the beginning but the game eases you into a load of endings through random events within the world.

Very fun, very original and overall a very good game.

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