Cheap Thrills- A Gym and a Landfill

Every once and a while I feel the need to play some really shitty games, so I usually browse Steam and navigate towards the good ‘ol games that cost less than $5. This time it was not I that purchased these games but they were gifted to me with the intent to talk about. I try to delve deep into a dungeon that is also a gym and annihilate trash this week as I talk about Deep Dungeon Gym and Trash Squad!

Deep Dungeon Gym was developed and published by NORSKA, is on Steam and it is in fact $.99.

Not gonna talk long about this game because I could not finish it AND I just didn’t like it. Deep Dungeon Gym is a game about you trying to create the best gym through fisticuffs. You can upgrade your gym through points, that I was not able to view, and buy dumb shit like protein that I still have no idea the practicality of. The actual game play consists of a five level procedural dungeon that ends with the big bad guy. The plyaer can level up and get some sweet passives and new attacks but they don’t actually matter.

The gyms are always circular and they consist of I think three different types of enemies: small naked men, larger naked men and mini boss naked men. They follow you around the gym with the intent to kill, but evading them is incredibly simple.

There is no real difficulty to this game, except when you collide with barriers. Colliding with barriers most of the time means that you get clip in and the game will end because you will be unable to move.

Game is GARBAGE, moving on.


Trash Squad, developed and published by Enitvare, is a top-down rougelite shooter, is on Steam and retails for $5.

You are the Trash Squad; a specialist group whose directive is to stop the advancement of the trash army and that means only one thing: Hit them where it hurts, on the inside. The core of the game is that each level is procedurally generated so each run is fresh and new. The game is fast-paced and enemies are relentless. Enemies hit hard and there are few health drops, currency is scarce and usually rewards you for saving. It all just works really well.

Trash Squad also includes some RPG elements through its leveling system. When leveling up the player can slot points into either health, armor, crit. chance, crit. damage, etc. This system allows for some individuality while playing and helps slightly with the difficulty curve when it crops up during the second half of the game. Its a good addition because it allows for a more concise build that strictly takes advantage of what items the game drops, and could turn the tide of a bad run.

Difficulty does in fact ramp up after the first main boss, so the game easily becomes a game that relies on skill and the loadout that you have.

Trash Squad offers A LOT of content for the price tag. Ten playable characters is only the beginning; with content being unlocked through challenges that the player can do while mid-game. There are so many weapons that can be acquired while on the run. It took me about seven hours to obtain a majority of the items and I was screwing around a lot.

Trash Squad is a game that reminds me of Nuclear Throne, but at a super discounted price. Not saying in any way that Trash Squad is bad, it is in fact a great game. It does everything well: the shooting and gameplay is smooth and fun, items are unique and offer fun alternatives to each encounter with enemies and difficulty delivers a good amount of fun vs frustration.

Trash Squad is an easy recommendation for $5. Fun game and honestly took me by surprise.

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