A Not So “Smash-ing” Month- A Perspective

Well, team, I remember the moment that Twitter EXPLODED with calls to ban and arrest Nairo. I decided to humor it and what I found made me want to vomit. I had a real long talk with a friend of mine about everything that I had missed pertaining to the rest of the top Smash players and it was a decent discourse on the future of the Smash community and the tournaments that they held. This won’t be the place to re-inform people of what happened in the past month, but it will be a hard look into how I view the Smash community based on the actions of the few and how important it is for the future of a community and their place after what had happened.

Now, I have never seen the Smash community be as big as it was until this month; as news outlets like BBC, ESPN and among others talked about the sexual abuse allegations. Be in mind that that many gaming websites like Kotaku, DailyESports, Ign discussed what had happened. it was seemingly in the course of a day, the Smash community was more famous than they had even been and for all the wrong reasons.

For the record, The Gamer has a really good, concise telling of what each Smash community member has been alleged in.

I’am only writing this because it is still in the back of my head that the only real punishment that someone of these top members of the Smash community were that they were dropped by their sponsors and by Twitch, but they have not seen actual legal punishment. What they did was most certainly illegal, and I hope that in the near future there will be some legal action taken against them.

Updated on July 28th, IGN interviewed Nintendo about the allegations that were stirring inside the Smash community and they responded with MORE distancing from the competitive scene. Their statement was as followed:

A lot of people enjoy the Smash tourney scene; I’ve been apart of Twitch streams that have a combined total of 5,000+ people in them. It’s a community that, in my mind, always tries to legitimize themselves as a competitive scene that warrants more than just a small room in a hotel to stream their tournaments.

It’s a shame that actions of the top players has systematically destroyed that dream. They were selfish, stupid and they annihilated the small chance for Nintendo to give them another chance and allow them to become a more legitimate scene.

IGN wrote a decent article explaining that Nintendo and the Smash community have had a long love- hate relationship to the point that Nintendo tried to block streams from even happening. Community members always seem to show their dismay for Nintendo for they only show up when the company wants to complain about the community. It is important to note that the community has acknowledged that their community is one of the “most toxic” scenes and that maybe the reason why Nintendo is as distant as they are. No matter, Nintendo is a company and Smash is their game; they can do and comment on whatever they please.

I just wanted to write something because it has actually been bugging me that the allegations and shit has died down over the course of the month. MORE should be done to get these RATS out of the community.

In the end, They are shitty fucking people and they destroyed whatever (even if it was minuscule) chance for the Smash community to get into the good graces of Nintendo.

Scum bags.

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