Yeah, There WILL Be Blood – Bloodroots

Recently, Reader, I have been complaining A LOT about PC gaming. I just want to play games, like Resident Evil 2 but I just cannot comprehend why I have to verify files, re-apply driver updates, stop all background apps to be able to get to the start screen of the game before a fatal application error occurs.

I just want to play games.

I quit doing the Resident Evil thing and then I stumbled upon a game that reaffirms PC gaming for me is the game I talk about today, which, in my mind, is very fun.

Like… Really fun.

This week I take part in a mass murder, realize it was a bad idea, get shot and hunt down and kill so many people and my so-called friends that are named after animals and also casually wear animal heads. This week I will talk about Bloodroots.

Bloodroots is an action, platformer, ultra violent beat-em-up developed and published under Paper Cult. The game released February 2020 with a price tag of $19.99.

You take the role of Mr. Wolf, an outlaw that has been betrayed by his former gang, and their new leader, Mr. Black Wolf.

It is your typical tale of vengeance, man is supposed to die, doesn’t die and proceeds to murder hundreds of people looking for the people that betrayed him in attempts to fill the void.

Mr. Wolf only utters a sentence: “Where is Mr. Black Wolf” so it is hard to grasp any concept of the plot until you converse with your old colleagues. They inform you that Mr. Wolf was not so much of a godsend. He was a brutal man that sent many to a grave and it escalated to a point of sheer madness so the other members of the gang decided to take action. More and more detail piles on as you continue your tirade against any living being that is not you and the end really hits hard, though pretty predictable, was still a good time throughout.

The gameplay is pretty simple. Jump and murder. Each level consists of a semi-open area that Mr. Wolf can traverse. After all of the enemies are murdered with a swiftness then a new section opens up and you continue your murder spree until the level ends. At the end of the level Time and kill multiplier combine to rate your murder-spree. A leaderboard pops up so you can see who murders people faster and more eloquently, if you so please. Levels are varied from section to section so it doesn’t really feel like you’re running through the same levels.

Your former gang members are the section’s bosses and they provide, usually, a good, difficult fight. They usually introduce a mechanic or strategy that was never used before in the previous levels

Mr. Wolf is a weapons expert so everything is a weapon.

Fish? Check. Snowball? Check. Shield, ladder, fishing rod? Check, check and check.

Whatever you can get your hands on can be used to somehow kill an enemy. Blood pours out of them and covers the ground. At (what appears to be) random points a small kill scene will trigger with the weapon you are currently using, and it is usually SUPER over the top, in a good way. For instance, with a blade, Mr. Wolf dashes through an enemy, time stands still for a moment and then blood just GUSHED out.

Bloodroots looks good. It has its own style and I really like the western theme it has going on. Nothing groundbreaking, but it is quite colorful at times (especially with the blood of my ENEMIES). It runs really well. I never really experienced any kind of hiccups while playing.

Bloodroots was a game that sat in my wishlist forever, then I found out how to access my wishlist on Epic and bought it. I was really glad that I did. The game is soo over the top, gory, fun and simple. Artificial difficulty was something that was not an issue. The game has its enemies placed perfectly so that you are always able to grab a weapon and defeat them and if you don’t, it is your fault, not the games. Each section is different enough to keep it fresh. Each gang member has their own unique heavy enemy that mixes up combat.

Bloodroots is also surprisingly long. I beat it in about six hours. there is also quite some replay value in it.

I just don’t want to talk about the game anymore.

Just go take $20 and play a beat-em-up that will definitely surprise you.

I guarantee it.

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