Demo Time – Toodee and Topdee

My Twitter is filled to the brim (like 75) with small indie game teams that are pushing their games everyday. They are dedicating a majority of their time to the creation of their game and marketing it. I usually just play the game when it releases, but this week I decided to stick to a mall demo and talk about it. I wanted to talk about Bloodroots, but there is always next week. You can say that this week can be an easy one because the demo was only about 15 minutes. Naturally, it took me longer because I am absolutely terrible at puzzle games and platformers. This week I get a sense of fulfillment as I now know why the semicolon exists, kill pigs and grapple with buying RE7 and the RE2. This week I will talk about Toodee and Topdee.

Toodee and Topdee is a 2D platformer mixed with a top down puzzler or something like that. Developed and eventually published by Dietzribi, the game has the good olé TBA behind it.

There is always a God in video games and in Toodee and Topdee, Aleph has created their world. Giving the true meaning to the semi-colon, it is the center of power in the universe. Around it were eight planets devoid of life. He fills them with life and has also created a very attractive looking mustached entity whose name is ToDo. Afraid of running out of work, Todo steals the Semicolon, sending the worlds collapsing into each other. Toodee in one world and Topdee in another, collide and the end result is a world where both inhabit. Having a conversation with a Glitch, both of our protagonists are now on an adventure to find the GODDAMN SEMICOLON.

So far it is a pretty simple concept: switch between both characters to solve puzzles and move on. The demo had only a few levels that laid out the general concept of the game.

Toodee platforms and Topdee kinda walks in the background. Each character has their own puzzles to solve and much of the time switching between the two is required to complete levels. Grabbing keys with Topdee to be able to unlock the passage so that Toodee can grab the second key to unlock the portal is the simplest form of the puzzles you will see (so far). One of the last levels in the demo really brings out the potential of the 2D-to-3D gameplay. Fire is an obstacle in the level and water drains from the middle of the level when switching characters.

During the playthrough the amount of puzzles and the difficulty curve is nice. It is easy enough to not be boring and, towards the second half of the demo, is hard enough to not be frustrating.

The demo was like fifteen minutes long and all I really wanted to do was play a game from some people that try really hard to promote it on Twitter and stuff.

The demo was super fun and I can’t wait to be able to play the full game…


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