Bitter Sweet End: Part Two- Spiritfarer

I won’t start this with a stupid talk about my week, but I will start it off with my feelings about the last ten hours of Spiritfarer.

It was really rough, emotionally.

I really like that Tunderlotus introduced Stanley into Stella’s life. It shows that no one can excape death, even children. His story was incredibly said and his explanation while at the Everdoor just broke my heart.

It wasn’t just their stories, it was the time that I spent with them. I learned all there was about each and every spirit. I learned what they liked to eat, their hobbies and the lives they lived before they came aboard my ship.

It was their end, but I wasn’t ready to let them go.

But, alas, I still had to row them all to the Everdoor. Like the spirits before them, they spoke their peace, said that they were proud of me and all that I had done, gave me a big hug and disappeared.

I still cried everytime.

By the end of Spiritfarer, your boat becomes a barge that can fit almost anything and it looks ridiculous. I enjoy being able to move buildings as I please, even if it is a small enjoyment.

I’m rambling. All I really want to say is that Spiritfarer is a really special game. It is filled with love. From the characters, their stories, the art direction to the gameplay. It’s simple enough that any person can grasp the management aspect of the game. The soundtrack is phenomenal, and the ending track still sits with me.

Even though I am super late with it but Spiritfarer is my personal game of the year, either it be 2020 or 2021.

I love it.

I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a nice, cozy, management game thats story hits right at the heart.

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