Early Access- Gunfire Reborn

After playing Spiritfarer, I decided to take it slow, because the game LITERALLY exhausted me emotionally, and play a game in which I could just shoot bad guys and not care about much. I have run out of extra money, so I have been playing Dauntless for some time now (probably like 2 weeks) but that game is flat out not that great to talk about. I have a puzzle game that I want to play but when I play puzzle games, I just feel stupid and I don’t want to feel stupid. Anyway, I decided to talk about a game that I have been on and off playing for a week that I really like.

This week I shoot terracotta statues, am a Rottweiler (for a majority of the time) and read a questionable amount of text for a rouge-lite game. This week I talk about Gunfire Reborn.

Gunfire Reborn is an early access First Person Adventure, Shooter, Rouge-lite game developed and published by Duoyi Interactive Entertainment Limited. The game has yet to fully release, I believe that the game is set to release in the Autumn of 2021. The game, so far, is only on Steam and retails for $12.

There is, currently, the least amount of story I have ever seen in an early access game. There are some bad guys that have came to sow chaos and it is up to you and up to four players to confront the evil and extinguish that noise from the world. The invasion of the world seems to be brought on by bigger, more terrifying demons (if that’s worth anything).

Nail on head. Done.


Gameplay is just like any rouge-lite/ FPS. The gunplay feels a lot like older arena shooters. You can maneuver in yourself in air, dodge, use a primary or secondary ability and shoot the gun. Guns feel really good to shoot; simple and the sound when you hit a headshot sounds great. Movement is very slow and when you acquire the bigger guns your movement slows even more. Its frustrating but the sacrifice is needed when you want to carry a mini gun.

Primary and Secondary skills are character exclusive. One character slows enemies while another shoots lightning out of their hands. Each feel incredibly different and are usually ties to a theme that each character can upgrade while in the dungeons.

Rooms are not procedurally generated, but I think the enemies are. I have found myself entering areas that felt samey but they spawned different types of enemies a majority of the time. So far there are at least (counting on my hand by the way) five different types of enemies per area. Each area has a different variation of the base enemy so it does feel as though you actually departed a zone and entered a brand new area. While trekking through each section of each area guns, vaults and chests will spawn to enhance your ability to kill the bad guys and make it out alive. Vaults provide a small challenge and in return grant you a scroll that enhances your damage dealing capabilities. There are also vendors scattered throughout each dungeons and right before the final stage boss.

The final bosses are a test of your aim and agility. Each boss has some ridiculous amount of health and can easily dispatch you if you are not paying attention. There is usually some sort of sub-mechanic to the bosses that needs to be memorized to be successful, but it never really feels like a chore to fight them (unless you have an absolute trash build).

Guns are plentiful and there are plenty of different varieties to choose from. From pistols, machine guns and sniper rifles to rocket launchers and a look alike weapon that Zarya uses, all the guns have a different feel and take some time to learn their spray patterns. Each gun has a randomized set of traits attached to them.

Abilities are surprisingly in depth. Each character has six abilities in three different subclasses for a total of 18 different abilities. It is a little overwhelming at the beginning because a majority of the abilities has 3 tiers to them and they can be upgraded throughout each run. From explosive, elemental and grenade damage to base damage critical chance and critical damage multipliers, Gunfire has something for literally everything, I’m sure of it.

Scrolls are perks that drop within each dungeon and vaults. They provide a variety of perks that aren’t offered within each specific characters skill trees. Scrolls have rarity: normal, rare, legendary and cursed. They all impact each run different and sometimes make runs incredibly interesting. For example: I am greedy so I will ALWAYS take the scroll that says 1% damage dealt and .2% taken for each enemy killed.

No doubt in my mind.

The cursed scrolls always feel really bad to get. They effectively destroy a run if you want to weigh their options.

If you’re greedy, then that’s what you get.

I don’t recall any kind of soundtrack so, I don’t know. Guns have their own unique sounds and characters barely make any besides when you jump.

Game looks clean and I haven’t really run into any issues with the graphics or the actual game in general.

Honestly, Gunfire Reborn is a clean early access game. The difficulty adds longevity to the game and it does feel cheap sometime but overall each run is fun and super challenging. I exclusively use the dual wielding doggo. I only use the doggo because it has the simplest explanation of abilities.


Look at that paragraph on the left hand side. I just don’t take it because I don’t understand it.

I really want to just have a small explanation of abilities but in Gunfire they are really fucking long, obnoxious and confusing. I think it is my only actual grievance with the game. I like shooting bad guys in the face and I like stacking damage to completely annihilate enemies. Bosses are fun and varied.

I just like the game. Sometimes it is frustrating but a lot of time it is quite fun.

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