Absolute Frustration- Absolute Drift

I took a week off to play some Alan Wake and I found that I missed a great game back during the days of the 360. It took longer to play because I was laughing at all of the terrible quips and cutscenes. It’s a real cult classic. Anyway, I really wanted to talk about a racing game, but I really don’t own any kind of racing game. I don’t really enjoy that stuff, but then I realized that I once bought a game in 2015 that peaked my interest and then it sat in the ever growing trashcan that is my backlog.

I downloaded it for the first time since I bought it. This week I become a drift GOD with Absolute Drift.

Absolute Drift is a top-down, indie, racing, casual simulation developed and published by Funselektor Labs Inc. The game released in 2015, is pretty much on everything and retails for a solid $12.

Pop in and play the game is what this game entails. When you want to practice, there are practice courses to get you the general grip of the game. I played the game on keyboard for only five minutes before I realized that the awkward controls plus the BRUTAL learning curve was tooooooooo much for me and I switched to a controller.

Absolute Drift is a very difficult game to grasp. Probably one of the steepest learning curves of any game that I have ever actually played. I had been playing for about three hours and I still cannot grasp the drifting properly. Even up to finishing enough to where I was satisfied with my play time to write about it, I was still having immense amount of trouble with certain courses.

I am still tilted.

There is a lot to account for when entering and during a drift. Speed, counter steering and trajectory. A lot of perfect runs can be ruined by poor angles and speed.

The minimalist art direction looks really clean and the way that the game flows with the art direction makes it even more enjoyable to look at while constantly crashing, resetting and throwing controllers.

It does feel really good when things lock into place and you are now a drift KING. Effortlessly clear levels and and worlds until the game runs out of courses. To clear levels that you failed previously hundreds of times now are cakewalks feels great.

There are night courses that look great and are a blast to play. Those courses really don’t add much to variation of courses but they do look sweet.

The soundtrack is just plain awesome. It really fits the aesthetic of the game.

I had, at one point, fun but I didn’t have fun all of the time. I had to fail HUNDREDS of times before I got the hang of Absolute Drift. If you are someone who doesn’t get enjoyment out of grinding at something until you have perfected it then this game is not for you (or me).

I did my best to have fun but the fun only lasted for what seemed like a few moments and the work that I had put into it really didn’t measure up.

so, I kinda liked it? Sort of liked it?

eh, I really didn’t like it.

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