Do You See it? – Vignetttes

I decided to again take it easy and play through a game that I did not need to devote much time to. I have had this game in my library for a long time and it took for someone to talk to me about it to get me to play it.

Like I said before, I hate puzzle games.

I played a puzzle game and an exploration/perspective puzzle game at that. I take a look at all the possibilities this week, this week I played Vignettes.

Vignettes is an exploration puzzle. Released in March of 2019, it was developed and published by Skeleton Business. It is available on your phone ($3) and PC ($8).

The game does a really good job of introducing the mechanics of the game: The rotation of objects. You rotate the object a certain way and it changes into another (wow). A lamp that turns a certain way can turn into a bulb or another way and it can turn into a Russian nesting doll.

It is really fun to experiment.

There are so many objects to see and when you do in fact see all of the objects, there is a key to be had.

There are also secret events that can be triggered when completing a puzzle a certain way. For example, you can take pictures of yourself in different seasons, visit little men who landed on a moon and even watch a nice little jazz concert inside a clam.

The colors are so god damned good.

The music reverberates the relaxed nature of the gameplay perfectly.

Cool game. It is really enjoyable to play when you have something to do and you cannot play a big boy game. Ten minutes until something important? BAM! Vignettes.

I like a majority of things about this game, up until I realized that if I wanted to get back to a certain object… It was on me to remember how to get back to it.

JESUS, it is a lot to keep track of.

I like it. I have yet to complete all of it after about two hours of playing. Cool game. Super cheap, SUPER GOOD.

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