Demo Days – Terra Nil

Life has been quite busy with interviews and such that I figured I should come back with a demo that I played last week but failed to write anything about due to interviews and work.

This week I played Terra Nil and immediately wishlist it on Steam.

Terra Nil is a combination of a puzzle and strategy game developed by Free Lives and brought to us by our friends at Devolver Digital.

The planet that the game takes place on is dead and it is up to us to bring it all back to life.

The game takes place on a dead planet and it is up to you to breathe new life into it.

It begins with a windmill. Windmills provide power to the toxic scrubbers that reclaim the soil and the irrigators that bring life back into the area. Water pumps refill waterways and excavators create new ones.

Biomes are the last proponent of the game and the terraforming process. Wetlands create a beautiful landscape of flowers and lilypads while the arboretum creates enormous, lush green forests with the help of the solar amplifier and the desiccator.

The mechanics are so intuitive and easily explained.

Machines usually have some sort of stipulation to be planted properly. Windmills need a rock to be placed, water pumps to need water, beehives need trees and wetlands need some water and some land.

To terraform an area you will need eco points and the way to gather said points is to terraform properly. Fail to earn enough points? Then it is either time to reset or backtrack.

The game looks beautiful. The colors are really damn good.

It sounds good. A nice relaxing song plays while you breathe life back into an area.

Terra Nil is a game that I would like to buy. It seems like one of those games that I would play when I need a breather from other games. It really does not have an intense strategy factor, but it will punish you if you are extremely careless.

Super relaxing and not too stressful.

It sucks it is labeled as TBA, play the demo though, it is pretty good.

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