Mankind’s Best Friend – Milo’s Quest

This Summer drought is getting absolutely ridiculous. For Christ’s sake, I’ve been playing Realm of The Mad God and Siege all week because I just didn’t want to play any other game. I eventually sucked it up and browse through the endless Steam library and found absolute shite so I moved to Itch and found a game about a dog and how it saves the world. So I said fuck it, sat down, and crawled my way through the game.

I ended up playing Milo’s Quest this week.

Milo’s Quest is a 2D top-down adventure game developed and published by lightUP. It was released in July of 2020, it is on every platform and costs roughly five dollars.

I really don’t remember the story all too well. I think it had something to do with Milo chewing on an old bone that belonged to a terrible being named King Old Skull and it released him into this world and now it is up to the animal that doomed the world to now save it.

Milo’s world is comprised of three areas that generally follow the rule of thumb that North eventually leads to a Boss-type enemy. Getting to these areas requires keys and keys are locked behind gates that only the solving puzzles can open.

Milo eventually acquires the ability to push huge rocks, which is quite useful because all of the puzzles in the game require the pushing of large pieces of land onto switches. The puzzles are pretty actually pretty diverse. Some require no thinking at all and a few require a lot of time to get right. I enjoy the puzzles because when I succeed, I feel smart.

Solving puzzles does not in fact save the world and with that Milo is given the ability to dash and headbutt enemies. In Milo’s Quest ghosts run rampant and not just your basic ghost, you have see-through ghosts, angry ghosts, and even ghosts that wear cute little wizard hats and shoot fireballs at a dog.

The bosses at the end of each area all require little thought to defeat.

Each of the three areas’ all look good. The forest and snow areas especially are nice and sometimes have relaxing dynamic weather.

Each area has a bunch of upgrades to grab to allow Milo to tank more damage and headbutt more often.

Milo’s Quest is a game that I fully enjoyed. The whole adventure lasted about an hour for the first, non 100% run. I do especially like the option to play “only adventure” or “only puzzles.” It may seem like something so little but it is a welcomed option. I never felt lost in areas that were larger than others, the gameplay was incredibly simple and the difficulty was never borderline frustrating.

Except for the collision. It’s dogshite. 

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