Demo Days – Spindle

This week I browsed the Steam store and saw this week’s game and I thought to myself “yeah, I would love to have a pig friend that would follow me around,” so I downloaded it. Pigs are great, they don’t do much but hang out and eat.

Anyway, in this game the pig may or may not be the Grim Reaper.

This week I spent maybe fifteen minutes hanging out with a pig and slew a demon. This week I played the Spindle demo.

Spindle is a 2D action-adventure game that will be developed and published by Let’s Gamedev. The Kickstarter is here for more information and, at the posting of this, there are eleven days left in the Kickstarter campaign.

It is very apparent that no one can die anymore and it is apparently up to you, what looks like to be a child in a hockey mask with a pig friend, to start calming the chaos that ensues when death is absent.

You do eventually are gifted a scythe and you begin your adventure, putting demons to rest.

Spindle is one million percent an old Zelda game. Its inspiration is quite apparent.

I really felt like I was playing A Link to the Past when I entered the first dungeon.

Combat is simple, you slay bad guys with the press of a button and move the standard keys.

The dungeon layout was fine, the puzzles were relatively easy and the boss fight was enough of a challenge to not be incredibly boring.

Pixel art is great and this, in turn, makes Spindle look great.

I haven’t seen much of Spindle other than the Steam page and it makes me relatively upset. I really liked what I had to play. It felt good and it is a nice homage to an era of games that were genuinely fun to play.

It is concerning that Spindle may be paying too much homage and will lose its identity in the process but, so far, from roughly a fifteen-minute demo, it has something pretty good to offer. 

You can pet the pig and even go fishing too.

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