Demo Days – Lights, Camera, Slaughter

Sometimes I sit down and play a game and during it I think to myself “why the hell did I choose this shit to play?” I really wonder why some games catch my attention and then when I play them they rip the rug out from underneath me.

I hate it.

Lights, Camera, Slaughter better not betray me. It is leading me into believing that the game is not more than a horror trope-fest. Maybe I am just assuming, because I only played the demo but man I don’t think I am going to be wrong, and if I am, then fuck me, I guess.

Lights, Camera, Slaughter is a first person survival horror game, developed and published by Disrate Studios. It is slated to be released in Q1 of 2022.

The demo of LCS is vastly different than the proposed abstract of the story that the Steam page gives, so I’ll give it anyway:

Play as Drew Williams, a newly hired intern working on the set of Jonny Slash’s “Lights, Camera, Slaughter!”, a 90’s low budget slasher film in Masten Lake. However, little did they know, the abandoned Summer Camp has a long, dark history that is about to be resurrected! Will Drew escape the harrowing “Miller Slaughterhouse” with an evil past – or become another victim to the notorious Miller Family?

The game that I played I guess was a prologue to what will be the full game. I played, for only a few moments, a person at dispatch who gets a call about a group of kids entering the “Miller Slaughterhouse.” Then you take the role of a police officer who is dispatched to investigate the slaughterhouse. Once you enter it is very clear that there is some freak that lives in the slaughterhouse who also likes to murder people.

Survive in this slaughterhouse maze, I guess. That was it, the demo ended. 

Disrate nailed the atmosphere I can say that. It is dark and because of the Ps1 graphics, everything looks like complete trash. It is so hard to find anything of importance because everything is super low quality. Browns, reds, grays and black fill the screen most of the time.

Another game where the flashlight doesn’t do dick. Like, why even give me a flashlight if it does not even shine two feet in front of me?

The demo consisted of a slaughterhouse that was actually a funhouse maze that was then repurposed into a place to kill animals. I walked through one of the most elaborate mazes in a video game just to search some shit filled toilets for a doorknob or something.

You do some other maze related fetch quest thing and are met with your doom by the hands of a running fat man and the demo ends.

It is hard to really grasp what LCS is going to be. It looks like a horror game but it plays like a puzzle game. The description makes it seem like it will be a Resident Evil VI like game.

Who knows, it was spooky while it lasted.

In the end, I’m about it.

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