Demo Days – B.I.O.T.A

After a busy time at work, getting paperwork and medical things are done for another job, and getting my cat into the vet to get his infected teeth out, I am back to talk about a sweet little Metroidvania demo I played during the weekend.

This week I played B.I.O.T.A.

B.I.O.T.A is a 2d Metroidvania game being developed by small bros and published by Retrovibe. The planned release date is somewhere in 2021.

Sometime in the future big corporations own a majority of a rare element known as Viridium and colonize the solar system because of it. V-Corp, the largest of these corporations, has an issue with the colony Frontier Horizon when an unknown organism titled “The Agent” takes hold of it. V-Corp dispatches scientists to investigate and then end up disappearing so it is up to the player and Gemini-2 squad to investigate the colony and save the scientist.

Controls are incredibly simple, even though it is wonky on PC. Run, jump and shoot the bad guys. That’s it, that is all you need in a video game.

Aliens are present everywhere and I believe there are at least five different enemy types.

B.I.O.T.A offers a more relaxed experience with the ability to save at any moment. You won’t ever need to worry about progress when you can save at any moment, but I guess you have to worry about IF you had saved and then panic save.

Pixel graphics are always good and there is no exception here, and if you don’t like the palette there are a lot of different color options, even in the demo, to audible too.

The music so far is pretty good. I was bobbing my head while jumping around shooting aliens a majority of the time.

The B.I.O.T.A demo was really fun; I enjoyed it. There are a few playable agents from the Gemini-2 squad and they are both were unique enough. A sniper that’s alternate fire is to summon a crosshair on the screen and mark the target for max. damage. The commando has a rifle and drops a mine.

Exploration is key and the demo really gives the player a good chunk to explore. 

It is heavily inspired by Metroid, you can’t deny it.

B.I.O.T.A is a game that feels like it is going to be a great game. The demo already has enough to differentiate itself from other Metroidvania games with the different agents to choose from. The gameplay is good and the gameplay is great. The only real issue I have is that the main palette destroyed my eyes. Thank God I had the ability to change the color scheme.

Play it, it’s pretty good.

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