Demo Days – Terror of Hemasaurus

A lot of the time I get super excited when I see a demo from a developer that I really like. I don’t think that I totally forget that they are developers and they make games and eventually they will release a new game but I do tend to zone out when games are released left and right, both AAA and Indie. I zone out when it comes to developers making new games. I don’t necessarily forget about them, I just how long ago their previous games was released.

That was this time.

I did not know that Super Blood Hockey was released four years ago. Time goes by so god damned fast and now I get to play another game from Loren Lemcke.

This week I shine a light on the Terror of Hemasaurus demo.

As noted above, Terror of Hemasaurus is a city destruction arcade game from Loren Lemcke and published by Digerati. The game is coming to PC and has no current release date.

OH LORD, I remember, during my childhood going to the bowling alley because my brother was a semi-pro bowler, and I would sit in the arcade and play games. Primarily I would play Rampage, Metal Slug, or House of the Dead.

This game is in fact Rampage.

Opening on a debate on climate change, a man with a bag of money says that there is no need to be concerned about it because the “economy is what matters the most.” The scientists warn of unspeakable consequences as a piece of the glacier, that encapsulates our hero (?) breaks off and floats away.

Right in the hands of a cult dedicated to our lizard friend.

It is up to you, the Hemasaurus, to cause so much untold destruction to the human world that they change their mind and start caring about the planet before it is TOO LATE.

Each city has Hemasaurus start on the left and walking right is always the right answer. Human architecture is nothing when compared to an at least four-story tall Godzilla-like monster, so you can destroy buildings with your lizard fists, kick cars, eat and throw humans in an attempt to level the entire city. Each level has a small checklist to complete, but it is not something that requires thinking outside of the box.

Controls had to be changed in the menu because there was no way in hell that I was able to use WASD and then use a fucking number pad. It is partly my fault, I did not want to get up and use a controller that wasn’t a Steam controller so I forced myself to use the keyboard.

Pixel Graphics are good, even when mass amounts of death and destruction are on the screen, and there are LOTS of desctrution.

The music and sound effects are super arcadey and it brings me back. Shawn Daley does the music really well.

I am 100% going to buy Terror of Hemasaurus when it releases. It has everything you need in a nice relaxing arcade game. Like I said somewhere before, Hemasaurus is Rampage that has its own identity. Controls are poop, but they can be changed. Everything else has me super excited for when the game releases. 

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