Demo Days – Grapple Dog

It’s Tuesday and that means it is demo time and thank God that Steam Nextfest is going on. I downloaded a plethora of demos that I am excited about playing. You, know it’s really hard looking for games to try out when every other game is a porn game. That’s what I’ve been seeing a lot of recently and I honestly just hate it. They are just a nuisance.

Thank God that this week I played the best demo, the Grapple Dog Demo.

Grapple Dog is a 2D platformer from Joseph Gribbin.

That’s it, I got nothing else on it.

You’re a dog with a grappling hook and it is up to you to defeat the bad guy Nul.

All about platforming here, Joseph went all-in on the platforming and time-trial aspect of video games, and honestly, it paid off. The grapple mechanic is some of the most fun that I have had in a platformer.

Each level has a set amount of gems to collect to unlock the end of area boss.

Everything is so fluid.

It is always go go go and never stop.

The best boy moves with WASD, grapples, jumps, and slams towards the ground and that’s it.

Each level in the demo is fairly large. There is a lot to explore, and with help from physics, can be easily traversed.

Navigation was never an issue. I always knew where to go.

The colors are clean and gorgeous. Structures that can be grappled (highlighted blue) are easily distinguished from everything else in the world.

After completing the demo Time-Trials unlock and let me tell you that that is some of the most fun I had flying through levels.

I love Grapple Dog and I hope you go and download the demo.

It is superb. 

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