Budget Hallo-RPG – The Lost Night

This week I had a lot of things to do and I was pinched for time. That translates into “I went on Itch.io and found a Halloween-themed game for super cheap and played it,” which is exactly what I did. I don’t necessarily feel obligated to push out content all the time but sometimes it is good to take it slow and play those indies that reside in the dark, forgotten areas of Itch.

This week I played The Lost Night.

The Lost Night is a Halloween-themed RPG by Mario Carballo and Joven Paul. It was released in February of this year, is on PC/Linux, and retails for a measly $2.

You take the role of a Pumpkin-headed chap that has just awoken in a mysterious city full of people and spooky ghosts alike.


To find your way home is to scour the city and help those in need and fight the ghosts that run rampant.

The inhabitants of this Halloween-themed city need some really weird shit. I’m positive the developers just threw darts at a dartboard and figured it out from there. Someone wants their dog, a person wants to open a tortilla stall, and someone wants whatever Earth Soup is.

Chatting with the townspeople is also pretty odd. Everyone is so self-aware, even to the point that one person questions why there is no furniture in their home. The protagonist doesn’t talk, so conversations are usually just little quips.

It’s honestly pretty funny.

Combat is reminiscent of Undertale, with a pumpkin, representing the protagonist, inside of an enclosed area and enemies shoot downward Galaga-Esq. Victory rewards candy and candy is used to upgrade abilities (achieving the RPG quota). Upgrades are pretty basic, nothing out of the ordinary. Shot speed, movement speed, HP, and power are some of the upgrades.

Graphics remind me of a Gameboy color game. Salmon is the color of choice in this game with shades of yellow here and there.

One song and it is pretty catchy; almost to madness.

From the murky waters that I found The Lost Night, it is still a fine game. It does get a little much towards the end after fighting hundreds of enemies. They take up a lot of time and at the end, they get beefier and much more difficult to take down. I think it took me about 45 minutes to complete and I was glad that it was over because then I didn’t have to fight those lederhosen wearing ghosts any longer.

Overall, It was $2 and I don’t feel bad for buying it. 

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