Alpha Playtest – Pain Party

Last week was just terrible so this week I decided to play a very early version of a game that I have been following for some time. It’s all pain and literally zero gain this week as I play through the Pain Party alpha access.

Pain Party is a third-person multiplayer game from Icehelm. Access can be requested on Steam and it’s not coming out any time soon.

I don’t know what the deal is with this game, but the receptionist with the cactus head told me that I am currently in Purgatory and need to learn what pain is. Now I have to apparently run challenges, level up and leave this game show-like plane.

An actual description from the developer is below:

After an unfortunate mini golf accident (which led to your immediate demise) you wake up in purgatory. This is not the classical purgatory that we’ve all read about, but instead is a Japanese game show where the winners get to ascend and the losers get to spend an eternity moderating online forums without any kind of monetary compensation.”

Gameplay is pretty simple, you are required to run an over the top; Most Extreme Elimination-Esq gameshow track and survive. Archers shooting arrows, rotating arms that drain stamina, mines and axes stand in your way to knock you back to the beginning.

Stamina plays a huge role in Pain Party. Jumping and dodge-rolling require stamina, so stamina management is important.

After completing levels there is an option to power up and customize your character with even more stuff.

The game looks good and the music is great too. Makes it feel like a gameshow.

Pain Party is a game that I will probably buy on day one. It is super over the top and it is actually a blast to play. I played the access probably four or five times now and even though each level is the same it is still fun to show friends the game.

All around good time.

Pain Party is just plain fun. That’s it.

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