In The Web of Adventure – Webbed

I remember seeing Webbed be played on a GDQ and I thought to myself that I was going to buy that game. I did just that and I am here this week to talk about the greatest web-swinging puzzle platformer ever created. It has an adorable spider family, communist ants, dung beetles and even bees that take on the impossible task of flying into the sky to save your boyfriend. This week is Webbed.

Webbed is a 2D platformer from Sbug Games. It released September 2021, is available on all current gen consoles and PC and retails for $10.

You take the role of a spider (who has laser eyes) who is happily hanging out with your spider-boyfriend and suddenly a bowerbird descends from the sky and snatches up your boyfriend! Take aid from the various insects that inhabit the wilds, build a hot air balloon and fly to the bowerbird nest to save your boyfriend.

Gameplay is a mix of platforming, web-swinging physics and puzzle solving. Each section of the game is kind of like a tutorial, in the idea that the game implements a new mechanic in each individual area, and the whole area is there to teach you to master that skill set. The beehive is to teach web-swinging physics and creating webs, the ant hill for using webs for puzzle solving and the dung beetle’s area is for more puzzle solving. The world, as a whole, is a cohesive place where everyone understands that the Bowerbird is a nuisance and needs to be dealt with and is willing to help you in your quest.

Physics are a huge part of the game and it NAILS it. It is really fun to swing, detach, drop and then reattach to short straight into the stratosphere. Climbing towards the beehive is an absolute joy to do.

The puzzles are easy for the most part, and they are very enjoyable. Reconnecting machinery for the ants requires precise accuracy, opening up gates and collecting dung for the hot air balloon are simple, but still makes the player feel smart and resourceful when completing them.

The music consists of a few tracks: one dramatic track and a fun, bouncy light-hearted song to swing to. It works.

We run into another pixel graphic game and that style will always look nice. Each biome is vastly different from another and I just can’t say anything bad about the game.

Webbed is a damn fine game. It only lasted about four hours but it was a grand time to experience the wildlife and their odd environments. The communist ants are militaristic and generally fun to be around, the bees make jokes and the dung beetles have a son that loves dung way too much. Everyone in Webbed is so polished, especially the web-swinging. It is the absolute best part of the game to swing from branch to branch, then pulling up from offscreen and shooting yourself across the map.

Even though it is a quick ride, Webbed is a superb platforming experience.

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