Revisit- Hollow Knight

I took a while off because I apparently cannot deal with stress like I used to. That means that the job that I just took I had to resign from and now I am practically jobless, but for now, I have Hollow Knight.

This should have been an April Fool’s thing but I lost track.

Hollow Knight is a top tier Metroidvania/Souls like game.

Probably, if not the best indie game I have ever played.

I had 15 hours one my first playthrough a year ago but this time around, on the Switch, I have almost 30 hours in it.

The quality of life updates that Team Cherry make Hollow Knight such a joy. I sit on my couch with my wife and she will watch me play, talking to the inhabitants of Hollow Nest and learning of their tragic stories of life before the downfall. The controls are still as tight as they were when I first played.

What an absolute joy to be able to replay this game. With this, Horizon, Guardians of the Galaxy and Tunic, my days are totally occupied.

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